Entrepreneur Import: Costums Bridge automatically classifies products

Import: Costums Bridge automatically classifies products

The customs declaration for the importation of products is a real headache, sometimes even for specialists. Any error in the classification of the product among the approximately 16,000 codes available in international regulations, results in a fine, delay or refusal of importation. Several companies including two French (Akanea, Conex…), a German (AEB) or an Austrian (MIC) already offer decision support software in this area.

But a French start-up, Customs Bridge, hosted by the Lille structure Alacrity, relies exclusively on artificial intelligence. “The idea came from Olivier Martinot, currently responsible for transport and customs at Adeo, the parent company of Leroy Merlin, of the Mulliez family group”, explains Loïc Poisot, president and one of the five co-founders of Customs Bridge.

Less than 2 seconds

With the help of the OVH Cloud start-up program, which made its machines dedicated to AI available free of charge, the Customs Bridge team trained its neural networks to draw on the nomenclature, the explanatory notes and the harmonized system classification rules of the World Customs Organization (WCO), as well as of the European Union, plus the judgments of the European Court of Justice and the BTI (binding tariff information) of each country.

“Today, for a monthly subscription that varies from 300 euros for the smallest companies to a few thousand euros for large groups, we offer an engine that brings together all the information necessary to carry out a customs classification, continues Loïc Poisot. Our AI makes proposals in less than two seconds for each textual description made of a product to be imported. »On average, five classification possibilities are displayed, as well as all the legal information related to this nomenclature.

An interactive search engine automatically offering to refine the description of the product is under development. “And, in the longer term, we want to offer companies a complete tool for optimizing their supply, taking into account the flow of goods already existing from certain countries and customs tariffs,” adds Loïc Poisot. The fundraising currently in preparation should finance the marketing of Customs Bridge throughout Europe.


Creation date : 2020

President : Loïc Poisot

Effective : 9 people

Sector: software

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