Infotech In 2022, the preferred investment of the French… is not an investment

In 2022, the preferred investment of the French… is not an investment

Since the beginning of the year, French households have saved 40 billion euros on their current account. This amount is greater than the combined savings paid into the Livret A and life insurance, which therefore makes the current account the preferred investment of the French in 2022. In total, French households hold 544 billion euros on their demand deposits, i.e. 18,000 euros on average! Admittedly, this is only an average, there are of course French people in difficulty, but many French people leave far too much money sleeping in their bank account.

Life insurance: pay less to earn more

They justify their choice by the fact that the rates of safe investments, too low, would not be worth moving. And do not want to block their money, for fear of the future: after the health crisis, an energy crisis risks darkening their winter. However, these arguments do not hold water. The capital placed on a Livret A or life insurance is not blocked, it is available very quickly if needed. Saving on these investments will cost you nothing,

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