Infotech In 2049, a company freed from current easements

In 2049, a company freed from current easements

It is a boss, an insurer, who says it: “We are facing environmental and social emergencies, and we cannot face them without businesses. And today, the expectation towards them has never been higher, in particular on the side of the youngest, who are both the next consumers and the talents of tomorrow, those to be attracted. Also, companies must adopt a virtuous behavior. This will become widespread: in 2049, we can imagine a new model of capitalism. “

What will the business look like in 30 years? Relive our special evening

Pascal Demurger, Managing Director of the Maif Group, has been defending for two years the idea that economic and ethical performance can go hand in hand, as he developed in his book “The Enterprise of the 21st Century will be political or will no longer be” ( ed. de l’Aube). And his group wants to be the example: Demurger has just made the Maif “A company with a mission”, publicly displaying its social and environmental objectives. “Becoming a committed company is a political act, but one that contributes to our profitability: our results have been multiplied by fifteen in ten years, and our turnover is less than 3%, compared to 15% in the insurance sector “, itself he boasts.

Pascal Demurger, CEO of the Maif group, defends the idea that economic performance and ethics can go hand in hand. (YANNICK STEPHANT FOR OBS)

The Maif model is a good starting point for considering

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