Technology In Lorraine, researchers are proposing to bequeath your phone to science to better recycle it

In Lorraine, researchers are proposing to bequeath your phone to science to better recycle it


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Don’t throw away your old cell phones, donate them to science. Researchers in Lorraine need 10,000 mobiles to develop a process to recover and recycle the precious metals contained in the electronic cards of our devices. #IlsOntLaSolution

More than 120 million old telephones abandoned in the drawers of the French. In Lorraine, scientists are launching an appeal to recover 10,000 of them. They are seeking to develop an innovative and virtuous process for the environment which would make it possible to extract from the electronic cards of our devices, many precious metals such as gold and tin. , palladium, silver and others rarer such as tantalum. Cards reduced to crumbs and which will undergo a whole lot of manipulation to identify the metals they contain, know how to separate them and quantify them, so as not to lose anything.

An essential step according to Éric Meux, responsible for the Masters in Sustainable Chemistry and Environment at the Jean Lamour Institute in Metz: “When trying to develop a process for recovering metals from industrial or other waste, it is essential to know precisely the composition of this waste“. But for that, material is needed and the scientist hopes to reach the 4,000 laptops recovered by September and the initial objective of 10,000 in February 2022. Date on which a master 2 student at the National School graduate in geology from the University of Lorraine will be recruited to support researchers on this ambitious project.

Several Lorraine laboratories are participating in this research in Metz, Nancy, or even Bar-le-Duc. So if you want to help science, researchers have set up various collection points in the region, which you can find at this address.

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