Infotech In the Alps, Jean Castex presents his plan to get out of all-skiing

In the Alps, Jean Castex presents his plan to get out of all-skiing

A new “future” plan for the mountains. Visiting Bourg-Saint-Maurice, in the heart of the ski resorts of Savoie, Jean Castex presented this Thursday, May 27, his plan to diversify mountain tourism, a project globally welcomed by stakeholders in the sector.

Will skiing disappear in France?

The objective of this investment plan of 650 million euros unveiled Wednesday evening “Is not to give up skiing” but of “Diversify the offer and conquer new customers”, explained the Prime Minister. He recognized the “Suffering” of the mountain economy, ultra-dependent on downhill skiing prevented this winter due to Covid-19, a crisis that has “Seriously affected [les] investment capacities “ ski areas.

Greener mountains

“Precisely because I know the people of the mountains well, I know that these difficulties, far from overcoming them, come to stimulate them”, he assured in his speech, calling for accelerating the transition to get out of an all-ski economy threatened by global warming.

In Les Arcs, where he went in the morning, he praised the adventure trails in the trees, the facilities for recreational cycling and other axes of development of a summer tourism which must take the ski relay. “The economic model must evolve”, insisted the Prime Minister, who underlined the interest of mountain biking and asked that part of the State’s cycling plan help to develop this activity in the mountains.

When the coronavirus turns Le Monêtier-les-Bains into a dead resort

Jean Castex also visited the funicular that connects Bourg-Saint-Maurice station to Les Arcs station, a perfect example for the government of an installation that makes it possible to avoid a large number of car journeys – and thus avoid emissions greenhouse gases – and that he intends to help with these new announcements.

A plan hailed by local elected officials

“Today, we broke some of the fears of the mountain people, greeted Jean-Luc Boch, the mayor of La Plagne and president of the National Association of Mayors of Mountain Stations. We hope that the economic model will pick up again this summer. “

“There are positive advances”, also notes Laurent Wauquiez, the president (LR) of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region campaigning for his re-election, which calls for going even further. “We are ready to put an additional 200 million euros in our region alone”, he said.

When the mountain turns green

This plan is “A first step for the transition of mountain territories, also welcomes Fredi Meignan, vice-president of the environmental association Mountain Wilderness. It opens the doors to a new dynamic. “

After an interview with the mayor of the town, Guillaume Desrues, the head of government strolled through the streets of Bourg-Saint-Maurice, having a glass of wine on the terrace here, visiting a paragliding school there, taking photo breaks with citizents.

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