Life Style In the rising heat, keep the body cool-cool with these ayurvedic methods

In the rising heat, keep the body cool-cool with these ayurvedic methods

As the temperature of summer is increasing, in the same way many types of problems have also started arising in the body. In such a situation, people prefer to sit only in the fan or AC. Fan and AC cools the body temperature from outside, but it is also necessary to cool down the heat inside the body. In such a situation, the inner heat makes one feel more restless, which people also adopt various remedies to reduce it. However, sometimes these remedies do not prove to be effective. In such a situation, some people also have to face many problems due to heat. In summer, the problem of dehydration, heat stroke, dizziness, vomiting and diarrhea increases greatly. To stay away from all these problems, it is very important to have cooling effects in your body, which can also be done with Ayurvedic remedies. So let us know by which Ayurvedic remedies these problems can be overcome.

1- Bring changes in food- Actually, in summer, bile increases a lot in the body, which increases your body temperature completely and you start feeling more heat. In such a situation, maintaining coolness in the body and getting rid of heat is considered very important. Such things should be included in your diet that will provide coolness to your body and keep it away from these problems. The most beneficial in this are watermelon, melon, pear, apple, berries, cucumber etc. So definitely consume these things in summer.

2- Massage with coconut oil before bath- If you want to provide cooling to the body naturally, then you should use cooling oils as it helps the body to cool down. In such a situation, for example, khus, sandalwood and jasmine oil can prove to be most beneficial for the body. Not only this, some people mostly prefer to use coconut oil. Before taking a bath, massage the whole body thoroughly with coconut oil, so that your body gets relief.

3- Drink pot of water- Most of the people consume cold things like ice cream, ice, water kept in the fridge in summer. This gives coolness to the body, but let us tell you that these things bring coolness only for some time. Later on, the body temperature rises further. Sometimes these things have the opposite effect on the body, which increases the chances of problems even more. In such a situation, only the water of the pot proves to be beneficial because it does not have any effect on the body and it also cools down the body. In this summer, instead of drinking water from the fridge, drink water from the pot.

4- Eat food on time in summer- Most people complain of lack of appetite in summer, due to which they do not eat food from time to time. Let us tell you that this is considered to be the biggest mistake because not eating from time to time causes burning sensation in the chest and also increases the heat in the body. In such a situation, you should eat food on time so that you stay away from these problems.

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