Life Style In winter, what is the main reason behind weight gain of people, know how to be safe?

In winter, what is the main reason behind weight gain of people, know how to be safe?

You must have felt that your normal jeans and shirt would have become tight during the winter. Even as you are continuing your daily activities, you must have felt that some weight gain has taken place on the body. This is not just your guess, but most people gain weight during the winter months.

The winter season brings with it a series of health concerns. It not only increases cold, flu, joint pain, skin and respiratory diseases but also causes weight fluctuations. According to a research, most people gain three to five kilos of weight during winter. To avoid excess weight, we must know the reasons due to which it happens.

Lack of physical activity
With the arrival of cold weather, people spend more time in their homes. In winter we all enjoy reading favorite books while in bed. This reduces the activity of our body. In addition, many people leave their normal routines such as walking and jogging. You do not burn the calories you get from food, the result of which is that in the end it is gathered as fat.

Sufficient intake of water is necessary to maintain a healthy weight. In the summer we usually have a water bottle to overcome water shortage, but the real challenge is to stay hydrated in winter. Even mild dehydration
By copying the feeling of hunger, you can reach the food. In winter, try to drink 2-3 liters of water daily to maintain a healthy weight.

Hormonal problems
People suffering from diabetes and thyroid can face real challenge in this season. Hormones usually become uncontrollable with changes in weather. Unbalanced hormones can cause people to over-diet or stop attempts to lose weight. Therefore, to keep your hormones under control, keep doing equal check-ups. Your doctor can change the medicine according to the need.

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