Top Stories Including 58 disabled people.. Sons of Hazm Al-Adeen Forum holds a Ramadan evening and honors 128 wounded in Marib

Including 58 disabled people.. Sons of Hazm Al-Adeen Forum holds a Ramadan evening and honors 128 wounded in Marib

Under the slogan “Our wounded are the torches of our revolution and the victory of our resistance”, the Sons of Hazm Al-Adeen Forum held a Ramadan evening in Marib Governorate on Thursday evening, during which it honored 128 wounded heroes of the National Army and the Popular Resistance, who were wounded in the battles between the National Army forces and the Houthi coup militia.

The head of the forum, Sheikh Anwar Al-Humairi, praised the heroic wounded stances in confronting the Iranian project, fighting the remnants of the racist Imamate, confronting the Houthi militias that turned against the state, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference, looting state institutions, and declaring war against Yemenis in service of Iran’s expansionist project in the Middle East.

Al-Humairi reiterated the forum’s support for the heroic wounded, calling on the Presidential Command Council, the government, and the political and military leadership to take care of the wounded and care for them, in proportion to their heroism and great sacrifices.

For his part, the Moral Guidance Corner in the Ibb axis, Colonel Rashad Al-Hamid, pointed to the sacrifices of the wounded in order to defend the religion, the republic, and national identity, and their dedication to responding to the call of national duty, and their precious and precious sacrifices in the face of Iranian arrogance aiming to occupy Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula.

Al-Humaidi added that history will not forget the sacrifices of the faithful wounded, and will write down their struggles in its brightest pages, stressing the need to pay attention to the wounded of the National Army and the popular resistance, who sacrificed for the sake of the homeland the most precious of their possessions.

In a related context, the Director of the Projects Department of the Forum, Sheikh Abdul Rahim Al-Waeli, said that the Forum’s honoring of the wounded fighters who spilled their blood in order to protect Yemen and Yemenis from the Houthi coup backed by Iran, comes as an expression of the Forum’s standing by their side, and its pride in their roles and grave sacrifices, indicating that honoring The wounded heroes are not worth anything in front of what they offered for the sake of the homeland, as much as it is an expression of our standing by their side, and in appreciation of their great national positions.

At the end of the Ramadan evening, which included many paragraphs, words, poems, and songs, the leadership of the Banu Hazm Al-Adeen Forum honored the wounded heroes with certificates of appreciation and symbolic sums.


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