Infotech Income tax: the declaration service opens this Thursday, here are the deadlines

Income tax: the declaration service opens this Thursday, here are the deadlines

To your taxes! The tax reporting period opens this Thursday, April 7 for everyone, whether the declaration is made online or by using the paper form. Online, the declaration must be made via the online income declaration service, accessible on the tax website or on the impots.gouv application (available on mobile and tablet).

Does everyone have to pay income tax?

Are you hesitating between electronic declaration and the paper form? This year, the rules are strict: “In 2022, online reporting is mandatory if your home is connected to the internet. Otherwise, you can use a form. You benefit from additional time if you file your declaration online. If your situation has not changed in 2021, you may be exempted from making this declaration, it will be made automatically by the taxes”can we read on the site.

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The deadline for online tax declaration changes according to the department of residence on 1er January of the year:

  • Zone 1 (departments 01 to 19) has until tuesday 24 may at midnight
  • Zone 2 (departments 20 to 54) has until tuesday 31 may at midnight
  • Zone 3 (departments 55 to 976) has until Wednesday, June 8 at midnight.

For those who declare via the paper form, the deadline is fixed at Thursday, May 19, 2022, the stamp of La Poste being authentic.

Generalization of the online tax declaration

The declaration of income is compulsory, even if income tax has been deducted at source since 1er January 2019. Indeed, it makes it possible to calculate the total amount of income tax for which taxpayers are liable for the tax year. Then, the tax administration subtracts the deductions at source made in 2021 and establishes whether the tax households must pay an income tax balance in September 2022.

How to reduce your income tax with real estate

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Note some readjustments to the 2022 tax return: the income brackets of the tax scale are increased by 1.4% taking into account inflation, the mileage allowance scale has been increased by 10% , and the tax benefit linked to each additional half-share of family quotient increases to 1,592 euros, against 1,570 euros last year. In addition, the inflation bonus being a tax-exempt financial aid, it is not to be mentioned in the declaration even if it was received in 2021.

The sequel after the ad

In 2019, the obligation to declare income online was extended to all taxpayers. Decided under François Hollande, the generalization of the obligatory online tax return should have the objective of accompanying the establishment of the deduction at source of income tax.

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