Infotech Income tax: the online declaration service restored

Income tax: the online declaration service restored

The online income declaration service, suspended on Friday April 8 due to pre-filling errors in certain declarations, was restored this Monday April 11 in the morning, the Directorate General for Public Finance (DGFiP) told AFP.

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The analysis carried out by the tax authorities led to the conclusion that the error concerned “about 1 million taxpayers”all public officials, who had noted a discrepancy between their actual income and that of their pre-filled declarations, a spokesperson for the DGFiP told AFP.

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A message will be sent to them individually to explain the procedure to follow in order to correct their declaration, and the administration will then verify that the modifications have been made, said this source. Other taxpayers can make ” normally “ their tax return for the year 2021, indicates the DGFiP in a press release.

The origin of the error determined

The origin of the error has been found: it is a bad transcription of overtime hours exempt from income tax for civil servants who worked overtime in 2021, details the DGFiP.

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“You should check the consistency between the amounts indicated in your pre-completed tax return and those mentioned on the annual tax certificate issued by your employer for the year 2021 or the net taxable amount for the year appearing on the pay slip. from December 2021 »she adds again.

The alert came last week from professors who were concerned about the discrepancy between their income and that of their pre-filled declaration. Faced with this situation, the tax administration had to suspend the procedure for online declaration of income on Friday, which had only started the day before.

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“No impact on the amount of tax”

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“These prefill discrepancies in the display have no impact on the tax amount at this point. Indeed, the withholding tax applied to the taxpayers concerned has not been affected in any way”according to the DGFiP.

For almost all French households who choose to make their declaration online, the deadline runs from May 24 to June 8, depending on their department of residence. Households who cannot make a declaration online and therefore still complete a paper declaration, have until midnight on May 19 to return it.

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