Infotech Increase in pensions, Macron bonus … The first part of measures for purchasing power adopted by Parliament

Increase in pensions, Macron bonus … The first part of measures for purchasing power adopted by Parliament

After a final green light from the Senate, Parliament adopted this Wednesday, August 3 a final green light for the first part of measures in favor of purchasing power. A few minutes before the vote of the Senate, the text had also been adopted in the National Assembly despite a motion to reject LFI against a text of “regression” according to these deputies.

4% increase in retirement pensions and several allowances with retroactive effect from July 1, 2022, capping the increase in rents at 3.5% in France and again tripling the ceiling of the Macron bonus that can be paid by employers: this bill “emergency” was validated by 395 votes against 112 and 36 abstentions in the National Assembly, and by 245 votes for and against 27 votes in the Senate.

The sequel after the ad

In the National Assembly, the majority boasted of “concrete measures”.

Purchasing power: who really benefits from the Macron bonus?

The LR group, to which pledges have been given, has also come out in favor of provisions ranging ” in the right direction “ but “insufficient” and leaving “a taste of unfinished”.

RN deputies supported “small steps”while deploring to have been excluded from negotiations with the executive.

Criticizing a “co-management with LR” on this text, the left was divided between against (LFI, PCF, ecologists) and abstentions (PS).

The sequel after the ad

Referral to the Constitutional Council announced

The Senate dominated by the right, which has found common ground with the presidential majority, must still vote on it one last time at the end of the afternoon, which will be worth validation on behalf of Parliament.

“No country in Europe does so much in support of purchasing power”said the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt before the deputies, welcoming a ” example “ of “co-construction” with parliamentarians.

“Elisabeth Borne proved those who predicted an ungovernable France wrong”

But LFI deputies unsuccessfully defended a motion for the prior rejection of a bill “unworthy” who according to them “confirms the decline in purchasing power” given the high inflation (+6.1% in July over one year according to INSEE).

In its energy section, which anticipates supply difficulties next winter, the text “draws us into a destructive climate model”thundered the rebellious Aurélie Trouvé, announcing a referral to the Constitutional Council on this point.

The tone rose with the majority, while Bruno Millienne (MoDem) reproached the rebellious for having “transformed this hemicycle into a permanent theater for Youtubers”throwing them: “you are not democracy”. Kevin Mauvieux (RN) also criticized LFI for being in “obstruction to everything, all the time”.

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