Infotech Increase in the minimum wage, end of devices against the Covid… Everything that changes on May 1

Increase in the minimum wage, end of devices against the Covid… Everything that changes on May 1

Increase in the minimum wage, in the treatment of functions and social benefits, possibility of increasing rents, end of anti-Covid provisions in companies… Find out all that changes from this Sunday 1er may.

  • Minimum wage increase of 2.65%

The minimum growth wage (smic) will increase by 2.65% from the beginning of May, or 33 euros net more, for a total of 1,302.64 euros net for 35 hours of work per week. This increase is due to the levels of inflation and to a provision of the Labor Code which provides that beyond 2% inflation, the minimum wage is increased in the same proportions. Or 2.65% this month.

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This increase also includes the salary of public officials – which will be mechanically raised to the level of the minimum wage – so that it is not below the minimum wage. An increase which will also concern people employed under professional contracts and work-study workers.

  • Increase in social benefits

Some social benefits will be increased by 1.8% from this Sunday. Among the aid concerned: the active solidarity income (RSA), family allowances, the basic allowance for the reception of young children (Paje), the shared child education benefit (PreParE), the back-to-school allowance (ARS), the free choice of childcare supplement (CMG) and the activity bonus.

The increase in the allowance for disabled adults (AAH), decided in April, will also be effective on 1er may.

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  • Change in tobacco prices

The selling prices of tobacco will change according to the brands, according to the nomenclature published by French customs. Some packs of cigarettes will become cheaper by 10 cents (the Vogue), others will increase by the same amount (the Winston).

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Some packages will remain at the same price, such as those of the Lucky Strike brand.

  • Possibility of increasing rents

From 1er May, landlords will be legally allowed to increase their rent by a maximum of 2.48%, due to the increase in the benchmark rent index to 133.93 euros. However, lessors are not obliged to apply this measure.

Rent control: on April 1, the display of the mandatory maximum amount on real estate advertisements

  • End of certain devices against the Covid in companies

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Some of the devices intended to fight against the Covid in business will end. Among them, a law aimed at strengthening the tools for managing the health crisis, which made it possible in particular to postpone medical visits at work – these services having been mobilized for the vaccination campaign.

Similarly, catering locations that do not have all the regulatory equipment and devices, open exceptionally during the pandemic, will have to close.

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