Entrepreneur Industry: FlexFuel cleans up hydrogen boat engines

Industry: FlexFuel cleans up hydrogen boat engines

Clean up ships without the operation itself polluting. This is the promise of FlexFuel Energy Development (FFED), whose head office is located on the Sophia-Antipolis technology park, in the Alpes-Maritimes. With its experience in decontamination of motor vehicles, the company has developed a process, billed as a “world first”, which allows high-power ship engines to be descaled by injecting hydrogen produced by electrolysis of water into the intake.

Launched in 2016, this R&D program was funded to the tune of 500,000 euros by the Directorate General for Armaments (DGA), on a project initially estimated at 700,000 euros. This hydrogen cleaning process thus avoids the use of chemical additives. It allows to reduce fuel consumption and make the ship’s engine less polluting.

Mobile units in ports

Different mobile cleaning units, depending on the size of the vessels, are available for carrying out maintenance operations in ports. ” The market that opens up before us is that of French Navy vessels but also fishing boats, tugs and all vessels less than 100 meters long, because we do not go to supertankers. », Note Sébastien Le Pollès, president and founder of FFED. A contract has been signed with the company Efinor to market this depollution process on the French and Italian markets.

The development of this program should enable the company to attack a new market, that of hydrogen production. “ As the yields offered to us during our experiments did not suit us, we developed our own technology He says. ” We are going to propose a system which allows to obtain an efficiency of 85% and which will be entirely manufactured in France.

To do this, he created a spin-off, ” Gen-Hy », Who is performing fundraising of 15 million euros to open an electrolyser production plant in 2022. “IThere are 150 jobs at stake and, ultimately, several hundred million euros in turnover », Calculates the manager, whose project is part of the hydrogen plane launched last year by the government.

The partnership

Creation date : 2009

President : Sébastien Le Pollès

Turnover: 15 million euros

Effective : 90 people

Sector: energetic transition

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