Infotech Inflation accelerates to 5.8% year on year in June

Inflation accelerates to 5.8% year on year in June

The rise in consumer prices in France accelerated further in June to reach 5.8% over one year, against 5.2% in May, according to a first provisional estimate published by INSEE on Thursday 30 June. .

Inflation is driven by the rise in energy and food prices, which increased by 33.1% and 5.7% respectively compared to June 2021, specifies the National Institute of Statistics.

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Over one month, consumer prices increased by 0.7% in June, like the previous month and after 0.4% in April.

INSEE does not specify in this first estimate the level of the price increase for the 20% of the population with the lowest incomes, a figure which is used to reassess the minimum wage when the increase for this segment of the population reaches 2 %.

Energy, oil and services

Always over a month, “energy prices should accelerate significantly in line with those of petroleum products”according to the INSEE press release.

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The prices of services increased in June by 3.2% over one year, at the same rate as the previous month, while those of manufactured goods slowed to 2.6%, against 3.0% in May.

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Finally, the harmonized consumer price index, which serves as a basis for European comparisons, increased in June by 6.5% over one year, against 5.8% in May.

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