Life Style Inspirational story of Kabir Das ji

Inspirational story of Kabir Das ji

Kabirdas Jayanti 2022 Katha: Kabirdas Jayanti will be celebrated on 14 June 2022. He was born in Kashi in 1398 on the full moon day of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month. On this day the followers of Sant Kabir Das remember him and recite his poems. Kabirdas was the main poet of Bhaktikal, he laid great emphasis on social reform. Kabir Das ji died in Maghar in 1518. He has given many lessons of life through his couplets. His words bring positivity in life. Let us tell you a story of him in which he explained to a young man the meaning of satsang in life.

The true meaning of listening to satsang daily

Once a boy approached Saint Kabir and said that Gurudev, I have studied a lot. I understand my good and bad very well. But still my father constantly asks me to listen to discourses. You tell me why do I need satsang everyday? Kabirdas listened very carefully to that boy. Without answering, he picked up a hammer and hit it on a peg lying on the ground nearby. The young man could not understand anything and left from there.

Learned the young man by hitting a hammer on a peg

The next day he again came to Kabir. The boy said that I asked you a question, but you did not answer, that’s why I have come again today. Saint Kabir once again raised the hammer and hit it on the peg. The boy thought that even today his silence is there. On the third day, he again reached Kabirdas and asked the same thing again. Kabir Das ji repeated the same process again. In the third time, the young man got upset and said that why are you not answering my words?

Why satsang should be an important part of life

Sant Kabir said that I have answered your question daily. I am strengthening its hold in the ground by hammering this peg every day. If I do not do this, then it will come out due to the pull of the animals tied to it or because of someone’s stumbling. Sant Kabir explained that discourse also works in the same way for us. Good things constantly strike the peg of our mind, so that our pure feelings may remain firm. Satsang removes untruth by strengthening the truth in the heart, so we should listen to satsang daily.

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