Infotech Investments: anticipating the end of the crisis

Investments: anticipating the end of the crisis

We are starting to see the end of the tunnel, let’s risk a few prospects. The frustration of the past year spent “under the hood” associated with the historic spill of liquidity into the economy could soon spark a wave of consumption and investment.

Since 2008, we have been operating in a structurally deflationary cycle: the aging of populations in developed countries as well as the exhaustive use of digital technology are vectors of decline. But this trend is expected to be overwhelmed by the ocean of cash injected during the Covid crisis. Everything seems to be in place for inflation to re-emerge, a symptom of the warming of the economic machine.

In this scenario, the effects on your money would be many. Here are some ideas:

  • interest rates would rise, particularly in the United States;
  • the cost of credit to businesses and individuals is expected to be higher;
  • commodity prices, and in particular those correlated with the consumption of bi

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