Infotech Investments: why we must reconsider the stock market

Investments: why we must reconsider the stock market

The French are wary of the Stock Exchange. They prefer real estate that reassures them. But this is a prejudice. This amounts to pitting one asset class against another rather than playing on complementarity or diversification. Several distortions prevent individuals from profiting from the stock market.

  • They tend to invest in the financial markets based on past performance, so often when asset prices are too high.
  • They refer to our domestic index, which is generally underperforming. As a result, their stock market portfolio is most frequently invested in French securities. However, if the CAC 40 has risen by nearly 50% over the past ten years, in comparison, the S&P 500 (the largest American index) has risen by 300% over the same period.
  • They adopt a most often basic portfolio management consisting of taking a gain when a stock goes up, and waiting if its price falls. Problem: this reluctance leads to maintaining the wrong values. A portfolio made in this way quickly turns red! No d

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