Life Style Is your child also speaking late? There may be a problem of tongue tie, know what is the treatment

Is your child also speaking late? There may be a problem of tongue tie, know what is the treatment

Toung Tie Problem In Kids: Nowadays some children have a problem of speaking late. Especially boys speak very late. There are also many children who have a lot of difficulty in speaking. Tongue Tie can be a big simple problem found in children behind this. Children who are unable to move their tongue much may have a problem of tongue tie. In some children this problem occurs with the birth itself. In such a situation, the child starts having trouble in drinking milk, in eating and speaking. However, if this problem is recognized on time, then you can avoid the troubles caused by it. Know its symptoms and treatment

What is Tongue Tie? Actually, in tongue tie, the frenulum of the child’s tongue is very small and it binds the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. Due to this problem, the tongue is not able to lift much nor is it able to move much. Due to this, the child has a lot of difficulty in speaking and eating.

Symptoms of Tongue Tie

In this, even after opening the mouth, children are not able to take out the tongue.
In this disease, a vertical piece of skin starts appearing under the tongue.
The child is unable to move the tongue and move it upwards.
Many times the child is not able to even turn the tongue to the side.
The size of the tongue of some children is also abnormal.
Due to this, the child is not able to hold good many times while drinking milk.

Tongue tie treatment Children whose fibers ie frenulum are thick, their frenulo plasty is done. In this, the child is given anesthesia and then surgery is done. Whereas frenotomy is done after the birth of the child by cutting off small fibers with a scissor. This is a very easy process.

child trouble with tongue tie

1- Many times the child has a lot of trouble in this.
2- The child starts having trouble speaking.
3- The baby also has trouble in drinking milk.
4- The child finds it very difficult to move the tongue.
5- The child also has difficulty in lifting the tongue and moving it to the side.

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