Top Stories Islah Hadramout organizes a Ramadan meeting for academic and educational staff in universities

Islah Hadramout organizes a Ramadan meeting for academic and educational staff in universities

The Yemeni Congregation for Islah in Hadhramaut Governorate organized a Ramadan evening for academic and educational staff in universities in Wadi Hadramawt.

In the meeting, the Secretary of the Executive Office for Reform in Wadi Hadramout, Dr. Hassan Abdullah Basawad, blessed the steps of the return of the Presidential Leadership Council and all state institutions to the country, and the subsequent performance of the Chairman of the Leadership Council, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, and members of the Council of the constitutional oath before the House of Representatives.

Basawad indicated that Islah was one of the first initiators to support those accelerated steps that lead to restoring the state and confronting the Houthi coup militia.

He pointed out that the return of the government and all state institutions to the homeland is a good step that requires strengthening the performance of the legislative authorities, monitoring the performance of state institutions, fighting corruption, and working transparently in harnessing state resources to alleviate the citizen’s suffering from the deteriorating economic situation and its repercussions on the standard of living.

The Secretary of the Executive Office of Reform in Wadi Hadramout affirmed that Islah, since its establishment, believes in partnership in political action, given that the country needs the efforts of all to contribute to the development of society and its advancement in all areas of life.

He expressed his happiness with the qualitative attendance of the academics of the Hadhramaut Valley Universities and the importance of their active participation in providing research and studies that serve the community.

Basawad stressed that this stage will lead to breaking the stalemate witnessed in the previous stage at the political, economic and military levels, pointing out that this will unify efforts towards restoring the state and ending the Houthi militia coup, whether by the peace or military option.

The Executive Secretary of Wadi Hadramawt Reform added that “the capital, Aden, in 1990 received the declaration of unity, and today the parties have gathered to unite the word, enhance community cohesion, and maintain social peace.”

He reviewed the reform efforts in Hadhramaut governorate in building bridges of partnership with the political components, represented by his visits to the leadership of the General People’s Congress branch, the Yemeni Socialist Party, the Hadhramout All-Inclusive Conference, as well as the local authority in the Hadhramaut Valley, noting that Islah continues to extend a hand of communication and partnership with the rest of the political and social components.

In the evening, the speech of the guests was delivered by the former Dean of the Community College, Dr. Abdul Qader Al-Kaf, who expressed the importance of these evenings in bringing views and spreading the spirit of cooperation and love among all and contributing to reviving the values ​​and principles of dialogue and tolerance among the community so that harmony and friendliness prevail and work in a collective spirit in which all affiliations dissolve And acceptance of the other towards the interest in building the human being to be an active element in building his society.

Al-Kef urged the society’s elites, including academics and decision-makers, to contribute effectively to the advancement of society and to harnessing scientific studies and research in serving and advancing society.

He expressed his thanks to Islah for inviting academics in this holy month, and opened the door for discussions and suggestions.

The evening included spiritual religious songs and chants on the occasion, presented by Engineer Abdul Hakim Bahmid.


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