Top Stories Islah leader in Hadhramaut: Islah is still making sacrifices in the face of the Houthi threat to the homeland

Islah leader in Hadhramaut: Islah is still making sacrifices in the face of the Houthi threat to the homeland

The leader of the Islah party in Hadramout, Fuad Barboud, said that Islah is still making sacrifices for standing on the side of legitimacy with other components in the face of the Houthi threat.

The leader of Islah Hadramout added during a political lecture organized by the Yemeni Islah party in Seiyun District, Al-Qarn District, for party members, coinciding with the 31st anniversary of the party’s founding, a number of its cadres are still in the militia cells and subjected to the worst forms of torture, or displaced and persecuted outside their regions and homeland, led by the kidnapped leader of the Houthi militia Since its storming of the capital, Sana’a, in 2014, Mr. Muhammad Qahtan.

The leader of the reform, Fouad Barboud, reviewed the party’s march since its founding in 1990 until today, and the prominent stations that accompanied its march, and the party dealt with it according to the circumstances and changes with each stage of time.

Barboud pointed out that reform since its establishment believes in partnership with the other and working for the interest of the country and in order to overcome the crises that were engulfing it and casting a shadow on the living life of the citizen.

The Islah leader pointed out that the current reality necessitates the member of the Reformation to expand the political culture to read the scene in a deeper way while looking at the changes that arise from time to time with a certain political acumen and intuition.

He stressed that reform in all of Yemen’s political stations had a clear stance in support of constitutional legitimacy, as it is the umbrella on which Yemenis agree with all their intellectual, political and social orientations.

Barboud stressed the clear reform position of the Houthi militia, Iran’s arm in the region, and its quest to enslave the sons of Yemen and restore the sectarian imamate that the sons of Yemen overcame and were liberated from in the September 26 revolution.

Barboud concluded his lecture by calling on Islah members to engage in community service according to the available capabilities and work to strengthen social cohesion and spread love, peace and coexistence in peace among community members.


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