Top Stories Islah.. Pioneering in the defense of rights, freedoms and equal citizenship

Islah.. Pioneering in the defense of rights, freedoms and equal citizenship

The issue of rights and freedoms is one of the most important principles that the Yemeni Congregation for Reform has focused on since its inception as the guarantor of freedom of opinion and acceptance of the other, the field of political competition away from violence, terrorism and authoritarianism, and the road map that protects all persons, in different places and times.

Al-Islah has expressed this matter through its statements and public conferences that it has held for three decades since its establishment, thus confirming what is stipulated in Islamic Sharia, as well as international constitutions and charters related to this regard, specifically the Universal Declaration of Human Rights approved by the United Nations in 1948 AD. .

Islah’s statements came to urge its members and supporters to be at the forefront of defenders of the rights and freedoms proclaimed by our Islamic law, guaranteed by the constitution and international charters and raising awareness of them, and to spread the culture of human rights in the community and imitate it in their daily lives. To consolidate the bonds of Nusra, and to consolidate the bonds of citizenship and a decent life, considering that the basic rights of the citizen cannot be achieved and represented in the reality of the living except in the presence of an independent judicial authority that is truly independent and has no authority over any of the other state authorities, as confirmed by the final statement of the Fourth General Conference in its first session February 2007

The issue of rights and freedoms is the message of Islam, which came with clear titles, all of which lead to equality and freedom with applied principles, the most important of which is the right to just rule through shura as a right of the nation, which removes all class and racial differences through principles that safeguard rights and freedoms expressed by Caliph Al Farouk during the establishment of the adult state with a famous civilized title resembling constitutional declarations The depth of civilization related to the principle of a decent human life, “When did you enslave people and their mothers gave birth to them free” according to the writer Ahmed Othman.

Islah has paid a heavy price for the establishment of this principle since its establishment, the last of which was what it has been subjected to since the coup of the Houthi militia against the state in September 2014, for which its headquarters were confiscated, and thousands of its members, supporters and leaders were kidnapped and arrested, and thousands of them were martyred by the terrorist coup militia, which confiscated The principle of rights and freedoms, in an attempt to replace tyranny with democracy, slavery for freedom, the voice of violence instead of the voice of politics, force, violence, terrorism and authoritarianism instead of rights and freedoms, class and dynastic discrimination in place of equality, and coffins of death instead of ballot boxes.

The condition of renaissance and creativity

The reform statements related to rights and freedoms issues came to confirm the party’s categorical rejection of all forms of restrictions on rights and freedoms from any party, and urged citizens to cooperate and stand united against violations against any citizen, regardless of his political and religious orientation.

Since its establishment, Al-Islah has always emphasized that freedom is a supreme value, and a general principle that includes all aspects of human life, so that it is rooted in his depths and in his awareness and perceptions, making him free, whether in his view of himself or others, and it is absolute and is bound only by the principles of Sharia and is only framed by the values ​​of religion According to the final reform statement at its fourth general conference.

The reform programs emphasized in this regard that freedom is an Islamic principle, a human demand and a necessity of life, and it is one of the most important things that God created people with. of giving, which is the foundation of reform and the condition of renaissance.

For this reason, the Islah Party and its branches in the governorates and its women’s sectors have implemented successive sessions to introduce human rights in our true Islamic religion, rights and freedoms in international conventions, and Islamic law, and urge that women be granted their full and undiminished rights and their participation in political life; Being the man’s partner, she is responsible for raising generations and men, and emphasizing the pivotal role of society in combating all that detracts from human rights and freedoms, the last of which was the human rights and awareness program implemented by the Mahra reform in October 2021 AD.

reform and human rights

The Yemeni Congregation for Reform attaches the utmost importance to respecting human rights and defending their freedom in its political and social programmes. To that end, it struggles to raise awareness of the importance of freedoms and the dangers of attacking or limiting them, and to organize judicial oversight over the authorities’ actions as the most important guarantee for providing practical protection for citizens’ rights and freedoms.

The reform also seeks to regulate various practical means to guarantee and protect citizens’ freedoms, both in personal freedoms that relate to the person and his private life, such as his right to security, safety and movement wherever he wants, the sanctity of his residence, the confidentiality of his correspondence and communications, the guarantee of all citizenship rights and the freedom to choose work, as well as freedom of expression and the dissemination of science and arts, including It does not violate the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

The freedoms of citizens also include economic freedom such as the right of individual ownership, considering ownership as a right and a social function, and freedom of commercial and economic activity in a manner that does not conflict with the public interest and in accordance with the rules of Islamic Sharia.

In addition to political freedom, which is represented in ensuring the right and freedom of citizens’ participation in elections, nomination for membership in the Parliament and various official and popular bodies, and in assuming public office, and their right to assembly and to form associations, clubs, unions, parties and political organizations.

The union organization also represents one of the pillars of civil society. Therefore, the reform focused in its political program towards seeking to push union action to interact with society in all its concerns and work to increase production, protect the interests of workers and achieve more gains, in accordance with its political program.

Establishing a culture of rights and freedoms

Al-Islah, as one of the entities of civil society organizations, has endeavored to contribute significantly to establishing a culture of rights and freedoms, always aligning with the will of the people, their concerns and aspirations, and advocating their fateful issues. In order to preserve the national identity and protect the values ​​of freedom and the republic, it offered thousands of martyrs, wounded, disabled, kidnapped and disappeared Forcibly, and still stands boldly in the side of the state and legitimacy.

Reform, political action, rights and freedoms in the country are the only guarantee of stability, security, development and progress, away from the sectarian, regional, ethnic and familial militias that have turned against the state, and disrupted its political tools, using its authoritarian greed to destroy the homeland and tear the people apart. Therefore, it strives to strengthen political and democratic work in the country .

For this reason, Al-Islah sought to enhance societal awareness of the dangers of tyranny, reject the confiscation of rights and freedoms, stand against the unbridled militia desires to bury freedom, insult words and dignity, and confiscate opinion according to the Pharaonic approach, “I only show you what I see,” as the law of injustice, tyranny and transcendental racism that kills the essence of human dignity. And the secret of his succession on earth, just as this approach disputes the essence of religion, confiscates values, and exploits the call to virtue and all values ​​of goodness to serve the whims of tyranny and enslavement.

Reform always emphasizes that tyranny is a germ state that empties religion and all virtuous values ​​from the essence of justice, and the values ​​of equality, so the tyrants resemble each other, and they have one path, which is to enslave and oppress people and kill the values ​​of justice and equality. Therefore, the Prophet’s migration was in the first place a rejection of slavery, and a declaration of freedom And exposing the arrogance of Quraysh and their tyrannical racist paganism, according to Ahmed Othman, head of the media department of the Islah Party in Taiz.

Perhaps the follower of the goals, programs and literature of the Islah party, will find its full commitment to the principle of citizenship as a basis for complete equality in rights and freedoms among all Yemenis, regardless of religion, creed, lineage or arithmetic. Higher than the human affair, and his generosity, and his creation in the best calendar.

The Houthis and the confiscation of freedoms

The Houthi militia has manifested itself since its coup against the state in September 2014, as one of the worst that has plagued the Yemeni people since the immortal September 1962 revolution, especially as it confiscated people’s rights and freedoms, cut employee salaries, blew up homes, kidnapped journalists, civilians and travelers, and did not differentiate between a small child, And an old man, and between a man or a woman.

Perhaps what happened to the kidnapped Yemeni journalists in the militia’s prisons is the most prominent manifestation of the Houthi militia’s violations and confiscation of rights and freedoms, thus reneging on its promises to release them, and ignoring the statements and appeals issued by internal and external human rights organizations for the past seven years.

During seven years, journalists in the militia’s prisons were subjected to the worst types of violations and torture, their rights guaranteed to them in the constitution and law were confiscated, and the Houthi militia carried out sham trials, and issued unfair sentences against them that amounted to the death penalty against four journalists.

Observers believe that the militia’s issuance of death sentences against journalists is a clear manifestation of the militia’s use of the judiciary as a whip to strike its political opponents, especially journalists, whom the militia saw as its most prominent enemy, as the militia leader said in his speech one day in 2015, that journalists, according to his opinion, are more dangerous than fighters, It is a reference to his followers using violence against journalists, in an attempt to silence the voices of truth, and a desperate attempt to bury witnesses to their crimes committed against the Yemeni people since the coup against the state.

This comes in light of the increasing suffering of kidnapped journalists in the militia’s prisons every day, for seven years, after they were kidnapped and forcibly disappeared for months, and prevented visiting their relatives, as well as depriving them of their right to communicate with their families, and the absence of a minimum of basic services, health care, and clean air, which led to to the deterioration of their health, as well as turning their case into a tool for human blackmail, and trading in this humanitarian file.

Islah’s positions rejected all Houthi positions, and they are consistent with its declared goals and clear values ​​in this regard since its establishment until today, not the latest of which is the statement issued by Islah on Yemeni Press Day, June 9, in which it renewed its demands for the international community to put pressure on the Houthi militia To release all kidnapped journalists, and to stop the indiscriminate war waged by the militia against the media and media professionals in its areas of control.

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