Auto Isuzu Behbehani… The best dealer in the region

Isuzu Behbehani… The best dealer in the region

The name of the Mohammed Saleh and Reza Yousef Behbehani Company shone again, as the authorized dealer for Isuzu cars in Kuwait won the first place in the 2021 session, as the best dealer among 58 dealerships of the brand, making it the first company in the Middle East to achieve this high-level achievement. .

This evaluation was conducted by a high-level delegation from Isuzu Japan factories, through a tour around the Middle East, to evaluate the participating agents, so that the evaluation criteria were based on 3 main axes, so that Isuzu Behbehani won the first place in both sales, maintenance service and spare parts. spare parts.

Abdulghani Behbehani, CEO of Isuzu Behbehani, expressed his pride in winning the first place for sales consultants, certified technicians, spare parts consultants and professional administrators, congratulating the Isuzu team on its excellence and its continuous efforts that will increase the company’s resolve and determination to continue its distinguished path to meet Each customer needs and perform its duty to the fullest and exceed their expectations.

He stressed Isuzu Behbehani’s belief in the importance of training its staff and developing their skills by holding continuous training courses and subjecting employees to periodic performance evaluation tests. He thanked the partners in Isuzu Japan and Middle East operations for their support, which made it possible to reach this distinguished center.

Behbehani stated that the vehicle sales and spare parts team and the service team at Isuzu Behbehani are constantly subjected to high-level training courses, and the team is considered the best in terms of qualification and training at the level of the Gulf countries, the Middle East and the local level, as it has mobile maintenance services to serve Isuzu vehicles. » In the stores and workshops of major companies.

He added that «Mohammed Salih and Reza Yousef Behbehani» is proud of being the exclusive agent of «Isuzu» in Kuwait since 1973, and is keen to provide an integrated service center for its customers, under the management of a distinguished team of skilled technicians and trainers who have obtained factory accreditation, and who are reinforced by the factory with all inspection devices. Modern, special equipment and technical equipment, which will push them to provide the best maintenance service for cars and vehicles of the brand at the level of Kuwait, the Middle East and the whole world.

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