Infotech “It’s untenable”: a mayor of Oise threatens to no longer pay his city’s electricity bills

“It’s untenable”: a mayor of Oise threatens to no longer pay his city’s electricity bills

The communist mayor of Montataire, a town of 13,600 inhabitants near Creil (Oise), threatened this Monday, August 29 “to stop paying” the electricity of his city if nothing is done to relieve the communities in the face of rising prices, fearing a “multiplication by four” bills.

“There, it is impossible. How do I find the missing 1.9 million euros? What service am I closing? I stop school catering, I close the town hall three days a week? »questioned the mayor of Montataire, Jean-Pierre Bosino, in a press release. “We don’t have a war chest, we have to vote for a balanced budget. »

The sequel after the ad

Faced with soaring electricity prices on the wholesale market – which exceeded 1,000 euros per megawatt hour (MWh) on Friday, against 85 a year ago – the city’s bill could go up in 2023, to the expiration of the current contract, “from 600,000 euros to 2.5 million euros”explained the chosen one.

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Unlike individuals, “local authorities are subject to the market price from a certain level of budget and agents. Today, it is untenable! We have to go back to the regulated rate”he pleaded with AFP.

The green fund? “Flan”

“It is because an essential good has been delivered to the Stock Exchange that we are here. Speculation in electricity and gas costs the many but brings a lot to the few”he lamented.

Otherwise, “It is not normal for EDF to be forced to sell electricity at 50 euros per MWh to its competitors, which costs it 8 billion which is missing from the maintenance of the power stations”. “Gas and electricity must be taken out of the stock market”he demanded.

The sequel after the ad

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“If nothing is done by the government” to relieve communities, “we will no longer pay the bills, and I call on all communities affected by this phenomenon to do the same”he continued.

The green fund endowed with 1.5 billion euros intended for local authorities for “to help accelerate their ecological transition”, “it’s flan”again judged Jean-Pierre Bosino. “Of course we have to work on this transition, but in any case we will have to continue to light up our streets, our schools, make computer services work…”

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