Entrepreneur Japet Medical offers its exoskeleton to the general public

Japet Medical offers its exoskeleton to the general public

Winner of the i-Nov national competition, which earned it 1 million euros, the Lille start-up Japet Medical will develop a version of its lumbar exoskeleton for individuals, hitherto reserved for professionals. This medical device, which required three years of R&D, is a belt equipped on each side with two motors. Operated by remote control, they unload the spine and thus relieve the lower back when carrying a heavy load.

“It can relieve up to 40% of the pressure,” explains Anthony Noela robotics engineer who created the company in 2016 with Damien Braticmedical engineer, quickly joined by Amelie Blondeaux, designate. Initially, the company developed its exoskeleton for the medical community.

Prototyping in 2023

But, much in demand by the professional world, the company has pivoted and markets this device, which makes it possible to prevent or fight against musculoskeletal disorders, in the agri-food, rail, aeronautics and logistics sectors. , construction or personal services. She has already sold 400 copies, manufactured in its premises in Loos, near Lille.

For individuals suffering from chronic low back pain, the company, which employs 30 people, is developing an ultra-compact model that can be worn almost invisible under clothing. “We are going to make the robotic part less cumbersome, blending into the textile to be more flexible and comfortable in daily use,” explains Antoine Noel. From a painkiller or preventive device, the belt will become a global therapeutic solution, which will allow the resumption of activity and will benefit from reimbursement by Social Security.

The prototype should be finalized in 2023, before being clinically validated with more than 200 patients in different hospitals across France. Then the company plans to create a specific assembly line. Almost 50% owned by its three leaders, Japet Medical has already benefited from more than 5 million euros raised in two rounds, involving the American fund Sosv, the northerner Finovam, the European Boundary Holding and the Lyonnais Cap 20-25.


Creation date : 2016
President : Anthony Noel
Rising : 1 million euros
Effective : 30 people
Sector: medical device

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