Auto Jeong I-sun, Chairman of Hyundai Motors

Jeong I-sun, Chairman of Hyundai Motors

The appointment of former Chairman Jong Mong
–Go is Honorary President of the Group

Sun: We focus on clients, the future, and social contributions

Empowering clients and contributing to humanity’s dream of a safe movement and a peaceful life

The Hyundai Motors group has chosen Jung Eun to the post of chairman of the group’s board of directors, to succeed the former president, Jung Maung-gu, who was appointed as its honorary chairman.

Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors and Hyundai Mobis held extraordinary board meetings to discuss the appointment, and all board members unanimously approved the appointment of Jong I-sun, who for two years served as executive vice president of the group.

Hyundai begins the appointment of the new president, a new chapter in its history under the leadership of Jung Eun, during which it adopts a vision of “Together for a better future”, according to which it will work to develop and acquire key technologies and capabilities to overcome market problems, which include the effects of the “Covid-19” pandemic. ».

New pillars

In his opening speech, Jung E-Sun reviewed the future direction of the group, noting that “its pillars are customers, humanity, the future and social contribution.”

“Our goals and efforts must be focused on customers, and here we mean doing what achieves their happiness and enables them to focus in their lives by providing products and services of perfect quality,” he said.

Sun noted that for years, he has emphasized the customer-centric approach and satisfaction, and that he has applied the concept on a larger scale.

“For the sake of freedom of movement and prosperity for humanity, we will develop the most innovative and reliable autonomous driving technology in the world, and offer completely new mobility experiences,” he added, noting that he will lead the group’s transformation from a car manufacturer to a provider of mobility solutions in the future.

This comes at a time when the group will offer mobility solutions tailored to customers’ lifestyles, and will continue to develop its market leadership in various fields, including autonomous driving, electricity, hydrogen fuel cell, robotics, and urban air mobility (UAM).

Hyundai Motors recently established Motional Inc. with Aptiv, to develop and deploy a pioneering fully autonomous driving technology in the automotive industry. It is cooperating with partners around the world to provide mobility services that meet the diverse needs of different regions.

Sun is enthusiastic about the powerful potential of hydrogen energy, and has championed the growth of the hydrogen ecosystem, with the widespread implementation of fuel cell technology outside of cars.

He pointed out that Hyundai’s world-class hydrogen fuel cell technology will not only be used in cars, but in various fields, as an environmentally friendly energy solution for the future of humanity.

“We will also achieve, in the future, everything that has been in our imagination, through taking care of robotics technology, urban air mobility (UAM), smart city and other pioneering innovations that will provide a higher level of life experiences for humanity,” he added.

Sun stressed the importance of the social contribution of the communities in which the group operates, reflecting his long-term commitment to societies and future generations.

He stressed that «Hyundai Motors» aims to become a company proud to realize humanity’s dream of safe and free mobility and a stable life, and to share its fruits with customers all over the world.

New Era Changes

The changes that Jung Eun Sun’s era will witness is not limited to outside the group, but also extended within it. Under his leadership, Hyundai will accelerate its efforts towards a healthier corporate culture by empowering its employees and encouraging horizontal communication, with an emphasis on flexibility and agility, like many others. Technology companies.

“If every employee considers himself a pioneer and distinguished person, and directs that positive energy to his work, this will be reflected in our growth and the growth of our future generations, and I am absolutely sure that in this spirit we will find new opportunities to get out of crises, and therefore I will work to enhance the corporate culture that respects communication,” Sun said And independence, and I will help develop a creative work environment, so that talents are respected and employees’ aspirations are fully realized.

He indicated that the group will also work to simplify the decision-making processes to make them faster and more transparent, and to enhance communication with the market to enhance shareholder value.

Facing challenges

Jung Eun Sun has been selected for his innovative vision, and successfully leading the core business of the group, over the past two years as the Executive Vice President.

He also led the business transformation of Kia Motors during his presidency, led the growth of Hyundai Motors in the midst of the global financial crisis, and as Vice Chairman successfully launched the luxury brand, Genesis.

The new honorary chairman of the group, Jung Maung-gu, had recently expressed his desire to leave his position, and asked Jung Eun to lead Hyundai’s future growth and innovation beyond current challenges.

Honorary President Jung Maung-gu is widely recognized internationally for his contributions to the advancement of the global auto industry. Internationally, he also developed it with Hyundai into two international auto companies, and contributed to the progress of Korea as a leading country in the automotive industry.

High quality

The key to Hyundai Motors’ success was making quality its top priority, so its Honorary Chairman Jung Maung-gu created a unified system for plant building to ensure consistent, high-quality production of Hyundai and Kia cars around the world, and built one of the largest R&D centers in the world. To enhance the group’s competitiveness.

The current Honorary President has also introduced a new model of sustainable management, through the creation of the Integrated Steel Plant (Hyundai Steel Co), which helped increase synergies within the group with the world’s first resource circulation business structure.

Sun assured that he will continue and build on the legacy of the founding president, who has now become honorary president, adding, “By continuing to preserve this great legacy, I would like to bring you all a new and bold future for Hyundai Motors with each of you, and there may be obstacles in our journey to enter the new future that We aspire to him, but the spirit of the group has always made the impossible possible by encouraging optimism and team spirit. ”

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