Life Style Kabir had explained the importance of the usefulness of clothes

Kabir had explained the importance of the usefulness of clothes

Sant Kabir Das: Many such incidents and discourses related to Sant Kabir Das are popular even today, in which the sources of a happy and successful life have been told. If these are adopted in your life, then many problems can end. Let us know a similar story when Kabir told a rich person the importance of the usefulness of clothes.

A wealthy person used to come daily to listen to Kabir’s nectar. He listened carefully to the discourses and used to contemplate them. That person was very curious to know that what is there in Kabir’s speech that people give so much importance to him. One day during the discourse, his eyes fell on Kabir Das ji’s kurta. Which was very simple. He thought that he would present a kurta to Kabir Das ji.

Gifted a muslin kurta to Kabir Das ji

After a few days the rich man presented a velvet kurta to Kabir Das ji. The specialty of the kurta was that the outer cloth was soft and the inside was covered with simple cloth on the other side. Kabir Das ji accepted the gift of the rich man. When the discourses started the next day, Kabir Das ji was wearing the same kurta. But the rich man was astonished to see Saint Kabir wearing a kurta.

The rich person got such a big lesson

Actually Kabir Das ji wore the kurta upside down, that is, the muslin part was touching the body and the ordinary part was visible outside. After the discourse was over, the rich man asked, ‘What have you done? How is the kurta worn like this? Then Kabir Das ji told in front of everyone that this rich person has gifted this kurta. On wearing the kurta upside down, Kabir said that the clothes are for the utility of the body, not for showing off to cover one’s honour. The muslin part should have touched the body, so it is worn upside down. To show this, the simple part is enough. The rich person and other people came to understand that whatever Kabir speaks, he also brings it into his life.

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