Life Style Katha: Jaya Ekadashi fast is on 12th February 2022, know how to get rid of vampire vagina

Katha: Jaya Ekadashi fast is on 12th February 2022, know how to get rid of vampire vagina

Jaya Ekadashi 2022: Jaya Ekadashi fast is observed on Magh Shukla Paksha Ekadashi. On this date, worship and worship of Lord Shri Krishna, the Nandan of Vasudeva-Deva. If there is sankirtana of the names of Shri Krishna in every moment of day and night, if there is affection in the feet of Shri, the bridge is built with love in the heart, the divine prasad of God is received by the devotees and seekers, then surely those who observe this fast. Human beings are freed from the evil spirits. Not only this, but one gets rid of the defects of birth after birth and the evils like Brahma etc.

Jaya Ekadashi fasting story
Once Dharmaraja Pandu Nandan Yudhishthira asked Yashoda Nandan in the form of Satchidananda in relation to Jaya Vrat, then Shri Krishna narrating a beautiful story in this regard said, this time the Apsaras dance in the meeting of Indra and the famous among the Gandharvas Pushpawant, his girl and These were all the mistresses of Chitrasen. Malin’s son Pushpawan and his son Malyavan were also there. At that time a Gandharva woman named Pushpavati was fascinated by seeing Mallyavan and lust started waking up in her mind.

He stunned the wealthy by the pain of lust by the form, beauty, gestures, grace and sarcasm. The wealthy, after drinking the unique form of melody of Pushpavati, soon became under the control of Cupid, joking with Pushpavati, enjoying the taste of the senses, and began to enjoy the unparalleled pleasure of betel leaf. Indra called both of them and ordered them to dance and sing. Then Pushpavati-mallyvan started dancing and singing out of fear, but both of them, who were under the control of Kamadeva, started doing impure games. Then Indra understood their impure dance-song. Seeing their expressions, Indra understood their love and knowing his insult in it, cursed them that you go to the world of death in the form of men and women and take the form of a vampire and enjoy the fruits of your actions.

Hearing the curse of Indra, he became very sad and started living his life sadly by becoming a vampire on Himachal mountain. He could not sleep even for a single moment during the night and day. This place also had a very severe winter. One day the vampire said to his wife, I don’t know what sins we have committed in the previous birth, due to which we have got such a painful vampire vagina? Both made crores of efforts to get rid of the curse, but all were in vain. Suddenly one day he had an encounter with Lord Brahma’s son, Narada. Devarshi asked him the reason for the misery, then the vampire narrated all the same things as it was, due to which the vampire vagina was obtained. Then Narad ji told the entire law and order of Jaya Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Magha month and asked him to do it.

One day, due to divine yoga, an Ekadashi named Jaya came on the Shukla Paksha of Magha month. On this day both of them did not eat any food and did not do any sinful deeds. On this day, he spent the day doing Bhagwat Kirtan, eating only fruits and flowers and sat down under a Peepal tree with great sadness. Both of them spent this night with great difficulty. Due to winter, I could not sleep in the night and kept meditating and worshiping the Lord. As soon as the next morning dawns, by the grace of Lord Keshav, his demon body was released and adorned with highly divine ornate ornaments, attained the former body, departed to Indra Loka. Devgan and Gandharvas started showering their praise and flowers in the sky. After going to Indra Lok, both of them bowed down to Indra.

Indra was also surprised to see him in his first form and started asking him how did you get rid of your demon body, so tell the whole story. On being asked in this way, Malyavan said that O Devendra! Due to the influence of Lord Shri Krishna and the increase in virtue due to the fasting of Jaya Ekadashi, our demon body is released. Indra said, O rich man! By fasting on Ekadashi and under the influence of Lord Shri Krishna, you have become pure by renouncing the body of the demon and have become worshipable to all of us, because the devotees of Shri Krishna are worthy of worshiping both of us. So you are blessed. Now go with Pushpavati and go freely. O Dharmaraja Yudhishthira! After receiving such a boon from Indra, both of them went to Naaglok, became engrossed in the joy of the delightful sports, and started roaming. On this Jaya Ekadashi fast, all the virgins are freed. The person who has fasted on this Ekadashi, it is as if he has attained the fruits of all sacrifices, austerity, charity.

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