Auto «Kuwait Motors» returns from March 23 to April 1

«Kuwait Motors» returns from March 23 to April 1

– Osama Bastaki: The largest gathering of approved car agencies will witness the presentation of the latest releases of the new year
– Ismail Siddik: The ultimate destination for global brands and the trusted voice in the automotive sector
– Abdulaziz Al-Zaabi: “Al-Tijari” offers discounts on consumer loans
Budour Bukhamseen: The bank offers a discount of up to 1,000 dinars with all participating agencies
Hamad Al-Musaibeh: “Zain” has been at the forefront of the main supporters of the exhibition since its inception
Sarah Al-Suwaidan: Al-Methaq is optimistic about the future of electric cars

The activities of the Kuwait Motor Show 2022 will kick off for the tenth year in a row from March 23 until next April 1 at “360”, as the Osama Bastaki International Group for General Trading and Contracting opens the event, under the auspices of the Minister of Works and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Ali Al-Mousa, in the presence of a crowd of ambassadors of the industrialized countries. and representatives of global auto agencies.

The exhibition is considered the largest annual car event in the country, and witnesses the participation of the most famous international brand names, to display all new car models for the year 2022, and witnesses the unveiling of some of the most important models of the year for the first time in Kuwait.

Introducing the vehicle's features

The exhibition includes more than 150 cars and motorcycles of the world’s largest and most luxurious models of the most famous brands in the automotive industry from America, Europe, Japan, China and Korea under one roof.

The CEO of Osama Bastaki International Group for General Trading and Contracting, Osama Bastaki, expressed his happiness at the return of the exhibition again, after stopping for two years due to the “Corona” pandemic, pointing out that the organization of events coincides with the return of life to normal in Kuwait.

Bastaki affirmed his pride in the car dealers’ confidence in the exhibition’s activities, pointing out during the announcement of the exhibition’s activities yesterday that “Kuwait Automobiles” is the only annual exhibition in Kuwait that is held on the basis of providing a stable platform annually, during which customers, citizens and residents in the country, can choose the most appropriate models for their needs. under one roof.

He added that the exhibition constitutes a link between car manufacturers from around the world and their fans and specialists in Kuwait, through authorized local agencies, which participate in more than 30 brands, and are preparing to unveil some of their amazing models for the year 2022 exclusively at the event.

Bastaki stressed the quest to expand the exhibition year after year, with the support and sponsorship of strategic partners and subscribers from local agencies, especially after feeling visitors’ confidence in the cars offered and their desire to buy, which was evident in the increase in exhibition sales annually in the past years, likely continuing success this year, in light of the exclusive offers Which agents will race to present exclusively.

He attributed the success of the exhibition annually to the introduction of many global factories with many choices and different categories of cars, creativity in design, performance, technology and competition in prices, which leads to attracting a large group of customers wishing to buy new cars or exchange their vehicles, as they are waiting for the exhibition’s activities to take advantage of the offers. characteristic that is presented.

professional level

In a related context, the Director General of the Specialized Leasing Department at 360, Ismail Siddik, expressed his happiness with the professional level of the Kuwait Motor Show 2022, especially as the agencies in the country are waiting for this event year after year to reveal their new models for the first time.

He attributed this to the confidence of the participating companies in the professionalism of the organizers and 360 alike, and the impressive success that it achieves every year, adding that the exhibition represents the ideal destination for international brands, and is considered a reliable and audible voice in the automotive sector, as it meets the passion of driving enthusiasts, and creates an environment A distinctive feature that enhances sales and marketing opportunities for participants.

strategic partner

For his part, the Acting General Manager of Retail Banking Sector at Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Abdulaziz Al-Zaabi, affirmed the bank’s keenness to be the strategic partner of the Kuwait Motor Show, which is the largest annual automobile event in the country and the most important exhibition in the sector.

He stated that Al-Tijari’s participation comes within the framework of its keenness to provide its services, offers and special discounts in the field of consumer loans to purchase cars for exhibition visitors, pointing out that during the events it will provide the best marketing offers, in addition to a package of distinguished credit services according to procedures and controls.

He stated that the Al-Tijari pavilion witnesses the presence of the Marketing and Sales Department of the Retail Banking Services Sector, to introduce the pioneers and visitors of the complex to the offers of car loans.

In a related context, Bodour Bukhamseen, the head of the Bank’s Marketing Department, said that the bank always seeks to provide the best services and special discounts to its customers, in cooperation with many agencies and companies, which provide wonderful and unique products, services and benefits.

She added that the bank will present, during the exhibition, a special offer for car loans to all pioneers, whether from its customers or from customers of other banks wishing to buy a car, at a discount of up to 1,000 dinars with all car agencies participating in the exhibition, when buying a car through “Al-Tijari” loans, pointing out To the possibility of obtaining a loan of up to 25,000 dinars without interest and for a repayment period of up to 5 years to purchase any car.

innovative initiatives

On the other hand, the Director of the External and Internal Relations Department at Zain Communications Company, Hamad Al-Musaibeh, expressed his happiness with the company’s sponsorship of the exhibition, which returns after a full year absence due to “Corona”, stressing the company’s endeavor to encourage various innovative initiatives that contribute to advancing the wheel of development. economics in the country.

He added that this exhibition is the largest of its kind in Kuwait, and that Zain has been at the forefront of its main supporters over the past years, the latest of which is the last version of it in early 2020. He mentioned that recently, the automotive industry has witnessed great developments around the world, and it has become Technology is an integral part of it, as it witnesses the availability of the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, modern communication technologies, and others.

first post

On the other hand, Sarah Al-Suwaidan, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at the United Charter Center Real Estate Company, said: “We are pleased to announce our first participation in the Kuwait Motor Show, and to confirm our support as a real estate agency specialized in the sale and purchase of land and chalets in Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City for the electric car market in particular. Scientific studies confirm that the demand in this market will increase soon.”

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