Auto L-Finesse by Lexus Al-Sayer: Sophisticated simplicity with dazzling elegance

L-Finesse by Lexus Al-Sayer: Sophisticated simplicity with dazzling elegance

Mubarak Al-Sayer: “Lexus Al-Sayer” always takes new leaps of excellence, excellence and creativity

Lexus is dedicated to developing models, the latest car designs, centers and quality of service

Mahmoud Abu Zahr: “Lexus” is the most desirable brand locally, by a large difference in the luxury car category

– With the changing market trends, we wanted to be where the customer is, not waiting for him to come to our showrooms

– «L
-Finesse” aims to provide a unique experience and consolidate the value of “Lexus”

– Bodour Al-Sayer: A special store with a unique concept and not an ordinary showroom

– Visitors can learn more about the “Lexus” brand and its products

We are keen to provide a modern experience backed by advanced technology

– The boutique promises everyone an unparalleled luxury experience since entering it

In the style of elegant simplicity and dazzling elegance, the Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer & Sons Establishment Company has chosen “Al Asima Mall” to be the first commercial complex to witness the presence of the all-new Lexus boutique “L-finesse” throughout, based on the company’s keenness to emulate the feelings of its customers and the desires of its drivers. Providing a modern shopping experience in the Capital Governorate.

The design of the “L-finesse” excels in giving the tangible form to the “Lexus” philosophy, as it unites the dynamism of the seemingly contradictory elements, which are “leadership” and symbolize the letter “L (leading-edge)” and “excellence” (finesse) through the smooth anticipation of the needs of Customers and their desires that are central to the design philosophy of the brand’s world.

Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive Company

The opening ceremony of the new boutique was attended by Assistant General Manager of Toyota Motor Corporation Shunsuke Kitai, CEO of Al-Sayer Mubarak Naser Al-Sayer, Senior Business Manager for Lexus Kuwait Mahmoud Abu Zahr, the senior management team and members of Lexus sales and service.

Mubarak Nasser Al-Sayer said that Lexus Al-Sayer always makes new leaps of excellence, and is always dedicated to excellence, development and creativity, starting from models and car designs, to centers, facilities, quality of service, and the impressive experience it offers to all its customers.

For his part, Mahmoud Abu Zahr said that “Lexus” is the world’s leading brand in the field of luxury cars, and that in Kuwait in particular, it is the most desirable brand by a large margin in the luxury car category.

He added that now, with the changing market trends, Lexus Al-Sayer wanted to be where the customer is and not wait for him to attend the exhibition, pointing out that for this, it made the “L-finesse” boutique closer to him, in order to provide a unique experience and establish value Its brand, inside the latest family shopping destination in Kuwait in the “Al-Asimah Mall”.

In a related context, the director of advertising and promotion in the company, Bodour Faisal Al-Sayer, stated that the “L-finesse” boutique is a special store with a unique concept and not an ordinary showroom, and it is an impressive place, pointing out that visitors can learn more about the “Lexus” brand. » Commercial and its products, revealing the provision of a modern experience supported by touches of advanced technology, noting that the boutique promises everyone an unparalleled luxury experience from the moment they enter it and touring its various parts.

Japanese hospitality

Customers will be welcomed into the “L-finesse” boutique by the reception staff, assisting them at every step during their visit, and providing hospitality service with a wide variety of drinks.

The L-finesse boutique includes some exceptional features, such as offerings of accessories and products, offices for Lexus consultants, for personal dealing with customers and displaying the latest models, in addition to providing easy and convenient opportunities to carry out sales transactions if the customer wishes to purchase a car from the brand.

advanced technology

Customers will notice two digital screens as they walk around the innovative L-finesse boutique, as well as a large horizontal wall screen to display videos in true Lexus style.

Two interactive screens were installed to explore the “Lexus” brand and its heritage, while the “L-finnesse” was equipped with two “VR” (virtual reality) units, to introduce customers to “Lexus” cars, enhanced with the exciting “VR” experience, supported by motion sensors and a “VR” headset.

This advanced technology allows visitors to interact with selected vehicles, change colors, make turns, enter the interior, play product introduction videos, and much more.

Lexus aims to continuously provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction and to match the superior level of its quality standards, as part of its continuous commitment to enhance the strong presence of the brand in the local market.

All categories

The Capital Mall is the latest mall in the heart of Kuwait City, and it attracts visitors of all age groups, and includes many long-awaited stores located in the jewelry market such as the National Geographic Ultimate Explorer Experience and UFC Gym, in addition to a new brand. for supermarket.

Another interesting feature of the mall is on the sixth floor, where there are no shops or shops, as it is exclusively for sports enthusiasts to practice walking in an air-conditioned and comfortable indoor environment.

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