Auto Land Cruiser 2022 kidnapped customers before its arrival

Land Cruiser 2022 kidnapped customers before its arrival

Al-Sayer is in negotiations with Toyota to increase the quantity allocated to Kuwait
Huge queues compete for the first “Kashkha” of Land Cruiser 2022
– Anticipation has reached the limits of buying roles during the queue to reserve the new model

If you decide to visit the Toyota Al-Sayer showrooms during this period, do not think that you will find, as usual, a seat available to receive you, or a salesman available to serve you and answer your traditional questions, not a failure on the part of the company, but due to the great demand for the new vehicle in its showrooms.

With the opening of reservations for the Land Cruiser 2022 in the past few days, Al-Sayer showrooms witnessed an unprecedented turnout with a degree of overcrowding.

“Kashkha” and racing over the priority of obtaining the newest vehicle in the local market is a slogan that people who are passionate about the automotive sector live these days, and who apparently found in the specifications of the “Land Cruiser” 2022 all their needs and aspirations in one car.

Various specifications

The Land Cruiser 2022 has an elegant design, a cabin characterized by complete comfort and exceptional spaciousness, elegant design and spacious luggage space, seating arrangement, front screen, multi-information display, 4 cameras with surround view feature, air conditioning system, surround sound system, electronic parking brake system with system Stop Heating and cooling seats, wireless phone charger, head-up display and power tailgate.

It is sufficient to note in this regard that the expected first batch of Land Cruiser 2022 was fully booked in 4 days, leaving behind about two thousand purchase orders, and a struggle over reservation priority.

unique phenomenon

As usual every year, the Land Cruiser 2022 attracted attention with its design, which prompted many fans of the vehicle with sales of ten million around the world to book it as soon as they heard of its arrival in the Kuwaiti market, to bring to mind the issue of the Kuwaiti race on priority, and its search for the slogan “First in acquiring the best and latest” even if he had to pay higher amounts in the first period of the product being available locally, in a phenomenon that reflects the audacity he enjoys despite the many developments at the present time.

Despite the ongoing repercussions of the “Corona” virus, in terms of health requirements and strict measures taken in many facilities, the influx of “Land Cruiser” 2022 enthusiasts did not stop at car showrooms, grateful for an opportunity here or there that might push one of the priority in the reservation to give up his role Meanwhile, they don’t mind waiting in long lines, to book it motivated by a total upgrade, and unusual power in the machine even though the new body has dropped 200 kilograms.

With the start of registration of applications for the second batch, which is expected to arrive next July, Al-Sayer officials indicated negotiations with Toyota to raise the number of vehicles allocated to the Kuwaiti market, especially since the brand adopts a specific quota according to the population of each country.

Of course, the heavy turnout is not strange for Al-Sayer showrooms, but the race for the Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 came at a high rate this time, driven by a completely new shape that tempts those looking for excellence in driving, to the extent that some of them have to buy a role while waiting in a queue. Customers have the opportunity to purchase one of the first batch vehicles.

Al-Sayer showrooms witnessed heavy crowds to buy the newest legend of the Land Cruiser, which is considered one of the best-selling models of Toyota Al-Sayer due to its reputation and the great confidence in its capabilities and exceptional specifications, which played a major role in encouraging customers to reserve it, waiting to obtain it officially in the period upcoming nearby.

It is enough for you to pass near the Al-Sayer showrooms spread all over the country, especially the main showroom in Al-Rai, to be surprised by the great demand that exceeded expectations for the purchase of the “Land Cruiser” 2022, to the extent that it prompted many to rush to get the legend of Toyota vehicles, especially In light of the quota set for the Kuwaiti market by Toyota in the first period, due to the reduced production capacity than before due to the continuing repercussions of the “Covid 19” crisis, and the restrictions imposed on the presence and number of workers in global factories.

The all-new vehicle that flies the minds of driving enthusiasts in the Kuwaiti market, and increases the adrenaline of those looking for brilliance in various driving conditions, did not disappoint in its latest model for the year 2022, which comes faster, lighter and higher performance, which reflects the commitment of Toyota and its successor Al-Sayer » to provide its customers with all that they need to be distinguished in terms of exceptional specifications and features worthy of being fans of the Land Cruiser, the icon of the brand’s vehicles around the world, and to keep the Land Cruiser on time again to fly driving enthusiasts on all roads.

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