Life Style Learn These Most Popular English Words Including Actually, Really and Excuse Me

Learn These Most Popular English Words Including Actually, Really and Excuse Me

Hindi of Popular English Words: Some words of the English language have become so prevalent in Hindi that sometimes it becomes difficult to remember about their Hindi. Today, we will tell you about some such words of English which are used a lot in common parlance in Hindi speaking areas. From children to the elderly, these words are used a lot. Many people know the Hindi of these words but young children and young generation are unaware of the Hindi words of these words. Today we are telling you Hindi of some such words.

Actually and Really Know Hindi
You must have also used the word actually while talking many times. But do you know what the word actually is called in Hindi? In Hindi this word is called ‘in fact’ or ‘in fact’. Apart from this, really is called ‘literally’ or ‘actually’ in Hindi. These two English words are very similar to each other.

Know the Hindi of Excuse me
If you are talking to someone and in the meantime you miss some important work, then you often leave by saying ‘Excuse me’. But do you know the Hindi of this word? ‘Excuse me’ is called ‘Excuse me’ or ‘Excuse me’ in Hindi. Those who do not know this must be surprised to hear this, but this is its Hindi meaning.

Learn Hindi with Hello and Hi
Hello and hi are two such words in English, which have almost the same meaning in Hindi and are among the most used words in the world. Hello and Hi are called ‘Namaskar’ or ‘Namaste’ in Hindi. These words are also used to give respect to a person. Apart from this, the conversation on the phone is also started with these words.

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