Entrepreneur Legaltech: Qualiplainte digitizes and simplifies criminal proceedings

Legaltech: Qualiplainte digitizes and simplifies criminal proceedings

Filing a handrail or filing a complaint sometimes turns out to be an obstacle course that takes time and discourages more than one. Three criminal lawyers registered with the bars of Aix-en-Provence and Paris have decided to make the lives of litigants easier by completely dematerializing these two procedures. At the start of 2020, they launched legaltech Qualiplainte, an online support, advice and complaint platform. In practice, these legal professionals have noticed that users primarily seek to report a change of situation or an incident as quickly as possible. The idea was then born to also simplify the handrail procedure.

Remember that unlike a complaint, it is not necessarily necessary for a criminal offense to be characterized to file a handbook. The purpose of this act is not to seize the judicial authority whereas online complaints are acts of lawyers directly transmitted to the prosecution. ” The handrail is proof of a fact or a situation at a time T. Our system certifies the date of the integrity of the declaration “, Explain Julien Gautier, one of the founding lawyers.

Custom handrail models

Concretely, the litigant wishing to file a handrail in order to declare, for example an abnormal disturbance of the neighborhood or an abandonment of residence, fills an online form on the platform, without registration or dedicated account. This declaration is binding only on the declarant, but may prove useful in providing proof of certain facts before the situation worsens.

Depending on the reason, a grid of questions – thought out by lawyers – is suggested so that the declaration is as clear as possible. ” We offer handrail models to adapt to each particular situation », Confirms the co-founder. It is, for example, asked for the date of departure from the home, the identity of the noisy neighbor, if it is the first disturbance of the neighborhood, etc. The two-page declaration, which can be modified or freely drafted, is then provided in PDF format.

Evidence similar to filing on site

To validate their handrail filing process, after a lump sum payment of 29 euros, the litigant must confirm their identity and sign the document using Signaturit electronic identification technology. The document is kept for five years and has the same value as a handbook deposited in a police station or gendarmerie.

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