Entrepreneur Les Tissages de Charlieu diversifies into shopping bags

Les Tissages de Charlieu diversifies into shopping bags

Create a textile industry, which will ultimately be 100% French, on basic products which today come 100% from Asia, it is possible! », Affirms Eric Boel the president of the manufacturer of fabrics for clothing and furnishings The Weaves of Charlieu.

After producing 15 million reusable masks last year, to respond to the health crisis caused by Covid-19, the company will invest 22 million euros, or the equivalent of nearly three times their annual turnover in a diversification. Namely the manufacture in Jacquard weaving (therefore without inking) and the robotic manufacture, from recycled fibers, of tote bags sold at the cash desks of the large distribution.

A hundred jobs created

The project for which it benefits from a subsidy of 800,000 euros from the “France Relance” plan, will require an extension of 2,500 square meters of the Charlieu factory, north of Roanne (Loire). As well as the recruitment of nearly a hundred people by 2024 for the company, which has 70.

At the end of a test in 4 Auchan stores in Ile-de-France, LTC has just signed a first contract with the northern brand which undertakes to buy from it for five years 10 million recyclable shopping bags per year. With a capacity of 30 liters and designed to carry up to 23 kilos of shopping, they will be sold for 2 euros.

Manufactured from recovered waste (cotton clothing fibers and rPET, resulting from the recycling of mineral water bottles), they will be sold for 2 euros ”, says Eric Boël. He points out that this alternative to the polypropylene tote, made in Asia from petroleum derivatives, “ will prevent the release into the atmosphere of more than 50,000 tonnes of CO2 per year “. Auchan Retail France says it sells every year 17 million recycled plastic shopping bags, made from petroleum derivatives and representing 1,360 tonnes of plastic.

In March 2020, LTC was the first French textile company to completely convert its production into masks in reusable fabric, approved by the DGA. Leading several dozen others behind it, by providing them with the manufacturing protocol, pattern, weight and composition of the yarns of this innovation.

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