Auto Levante is everything you would expect from a Maserati… and more

Levante is everything you would expect from a Maserati… and more

The product of the brand’s true tradition of grand voyages, pioneering and brilliance across various paths

– Sublime, well-balanced features with graceful lines and an athletic structure… revolve around a clear goal

The Maserati Levante is a car whose name is inspired by the Mediterranean winds that can change from calm to stormy, in an instant.

And when we talk about SUVs, we mean the Maserati Levante without a doubt, a product of the brand’s true tradition of grand hauling, pioneering and brilliance across multiple roads.

Honoring Al-Mulla on the sidelines of the exhibition

With this SUV, you can run on any terrain with ease, so you can feel the amazing response and effortless refinement over long distances. Whether it is the new hybrid drivetrain, the V6 petrol engine or the powerful V8 engine, the Levante reflects Everything you would expect from a Maserati, it comes with elegant lines and distinctive design that is characterized by the brand’s versatility.

With this distinctive model from Maserati, it exceeds all expectations in uncompromising style with this vehicle available in Al Zayani showrooms in the Kuwaiti market.

irresistible allure

Get irresistible oomph, transcend every day and live in the moment. Levante’s instrument cluster and 8-inch high-resolution touchscreen make your experience behind the wheel even more unique, intuitive and engaging.

At the same time, control your route, select your preferred mode and altitude, and set out on your journey with Levante, where you can easily choose your preferred driving mode from Normal, Sport and Off-road mode, increasing control and efficiency.

The Levante experience proves the fact that every Maserati car is designed and built to deliver high-powered luxury over distances with world-class levels of safety and peace of mind, as it is equipped with a comprehensive suite of advanced Level 2 driver assistance systems, including Traffic Jam Assist. The new one, for added peace of mind, whether you’re on an exclusive adventure or embarking on a city trip.

superior help

The vehicle has many driver assistance systems on all roads, including Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which increases driving comfort by combining the ease of regular cruise control with enhanced safety, especially when driving on highways in limited traffic jams or moderate.

After setting the required speed and distance from the car in front, the adaptive cruise control automatically enters and calculates the gap to be maintained, and constantly monitors the presence of the car in front, thanks to the radar sensor located on the front grille behind the three-pointed spear emblem, and a camera installed behind the rear-view mirror, You will be able to maintain the desired speed and distance in advance without having to restore cruise control.

This comes in conjunction with the Stop and Resume system, and the Adaptive Cruise Control system is very useful and especially suitable in “stop and start” traffic, as the Stop & Go function will apply the brakes and stop the car completely if any vehicle in front stops, and then start driving independently if the stop is less of 2 or 3 seconds. The car has a Surround View Camera, which increases safety when you are standing still, making every maneuvering procedure easier, smoother and, most importantly, less stressful.

Surround View Camera assists you during parking maneuvers by combining all the information provided by 4 cameras placed around your vehicle, which will provide you with an unparalleled 360-degree view of the area around your vehicle. The cameras are placed in 4 positions, 1 on the front grille, 2 Under the side view mirrors and a rear camera on the tailgate between the number plate lights.

In all situations where it is difficult to see and estimate the distance between you and parked cars, the system also provides dynamic lines to show your expected lane, as all the information gathered from the parking sensors will also help you by alerting you to otherwise hidden obstacles.

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