Auto Lincoln L100…Elegant Elegance

Lincoln L100…Elegant Elegance

Taking inspiration from the past and looking to the future, Lincoln unveils its new vision for mobility with the debut of the Lincoln L100 concept, which was first shown at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, during the brand’s centenary celebration.

“Lincoln has always been one of the most stable and elegant car brands in the world, and in many ways it is in an ideal position to launch into a second century of great design and zero emissions,” said Bill Ford, chairman of the Ford Motor Company. and experiences driven by advanced technologies.

This comes at a time when the new model has attractive aesthetic touches that captivate the eye when approaching it, as the “L10” concept embraces elegance, full of vitality, assertiveness and mystery.

The model has a sleek and dynamic design inspired by aviation, while the interior and convertible space of the L100 allows for enhanced human connection in an idyllic sanctuary that embodies Lincoln’s values ​​and style.

Lincoln President Joy Valotico said, “We are going through a special moment in our brand’s history over the past 100 years. L100) is an experimental concept reimagining the brand’s haven from a new perspective that suits our future customers as we take a bold and important step into the next chapter of our heritage.”

She pointed to the creation of the L100 as an independent car with an intelligent driving experience, excellent connectivity, and innovations based on modern software, modernizing Lincoln’s vision, and paving the way for the brand to reimagine what mobility is in the future.

The L100 model will use the next generation of battery cells that will deliver revolutionary energy density, and will enable effective structural integration by treating the vehicle as an integrated system, while the brand’s advanced approach will help deliver a stylish design that will expand the interior space, giving designers flexibility Addition to create a distinct Lincoln experience of the future.

“Experimental cars allow us to reimagine and illustrate what new experiences can look like in life with the help of cutting-edge technologies, and allow our designers more creative freedom than ever before,” said Anthony Law, Ford Motor Company chief design officer. With the L100, we have pushed the boundaries of design in ways that evolve our brand’s aeronautical-inspired style and relaxed ambiance and changed the way we think about future Lincoln designs.”

He pointed out that the interactive control panel in the center is distinguished by a control unit inspired by jewelry, which captures light and depth by redefining the car’s controls inside the cabin, as the control unit replaces the traditional steering wheel in this self-driving car, making the experience of navigation extremely easy and smooth. .

He indicated that the seat adjustment capabilities were designed to meet the needs of the driver and passengers interact easily, thanks to the ability to customize them to suit the type of trip, while the space was designed in ways that allow communication, so that the front row seats can be flipped to provide a social environment that enables front seat passengers to sit opposite the rear passengers. , while the convertible environment provides a more comfortable space that will give everyone the feeling of being in a real third space.

On his part, Lincoln Global Design Director, Kamal Couric, explained, “This concept allowed us to design a new experience that is fluid and free from previous restrictions, to be an important step in the evolution of design principles inspired by touches of flight and calm, and we wanted to provide through the design of the L100 model. The aerodynamic movement of a car looks like it’s been sculpted by the wind, as if friction weren’t there.”

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