Infotech “Live happy, live in hiding”: the mantra of American billionaires

“Live happy, live in hiding”: the mantra of American billionaires

Gatsby. This is not the real name of this billionaire, obviously. This is the nickname, taken from Fitzgerald’s novel, given to him by Richard Watts, a lawyer who became an adviser to the American crescuses. “The average wealth of our clients is around $ 500 or $ 600 million [soit 430 ou 510 millions d’euros], and exceeds the billion for some “, he confides. But, among them, “Gatsby” occupies a special place:

“I have represented him for eighteen years. He became fabulously rich at the age of 40 years old and now approaching sixty. He’s a very generous guy who loves giant parties. He organized some with Chris Martin or Coldplay in guest stars. Every year at Christmas he gives three parties in a row, because he wants to receive so many people that he has to organize three consecutive evenings with 300 people every time. All three are the same. And the stars he invites are dropped by helicopter in the reception.Exclusive interview – Thomas Piketty: “Historically, it is the fight for equality that has allowed prosperity”

If Richard Watts talks about his Gatsby with tremolos in his voice, it’s not just because he invites him on his mega yacht or because he made him spend an afternoon with Albert and by Charlene of Monaco – “I arrive in the garden with my shorts and a T-shirt, and there is Charlene in a swimsuit. Albert comes up to me and says: Richard, my mother built this house, I want to show it to you

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