Top Stories Local sources for “Al-Sahwa Net”: Houthi militia opens training camps for prisoners in Al-Mahwit

Local sources for “Al-Sahwa Net”: Houthi militia opens training camps for prisoners in Al-Mahwit

Local sources in Al-Mahwit Governorate said that the terrorist Houthi militia has opened training camps for prisoners in exchange for what it calls amnesty for them and the payment of their debts, in return for attending its sectarian courses in special camps.

The sources revealed that the militias are training 400 prisoners to turn them into a fighting force ready for battles, to be called to the fronts at the time of the battles they prepare for.

The camp is located in the “Khamis Bani Saad” area of ​​Al-Mahwit, and this camp was allocated by the militias to train prisoners of Al-Mahwit, Hajjah, Sana’a and Al-Hodeidah.

Al-Sahwa Net reporter learned from more than one local source in the governorate that the Houthi militia confiscated a large amount of furniture belonging to the Red Crescent Society in the governorate, and allocated them to training camps for prisoners and to support closed summer centers.

The sources added that the terrorist militias made prison inmates with financial debts promises that the so-called Houthi “Zakat Authority” would pay them in exchange for them joining the training camps to fight in its ranks, provided that they are released after they have participated in the battles for a period of no less than 4 months.

According to the sources, prisoners for criminal offenses who have served half their sentence, the Houthis have set them “to fight in their ranks for a full year to release them, provided that the militias undertake to issue judicial pardons against them.”

On the other hand, the militia has established a closed summer training center in each district, and three centers in Shibam district, in addition to the open centres. These are camps whose enrollees are subject to sectarian and military training, and it works to attract young people and students to join them and is supervised by Houthi leaders in the governorate.


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