Entrepreneur Loïc Renart, hotelier: “I am not an entrepreneur to live on a drip”

Loïc Renart, hotelier: “I am not an entrepreneur to live on a drip”

“For the first time in my life, I demonstrated”, said Loïc Renart, owner of three hotels and a restaurant in Lyon. The president of the group Globe and Cecil Development, 140 rooms and 5 million euros in turnover, paraded with restaurateurs and traders three Mondays in a row, dressed in black, in front of the Rhône prefecture.

“During the first confinement, I was a good soldier. I also understood the curfew. But, today I am revolted “, explains the angry forty-something, while Emmanuel Macron asks the restoration to wait until 2021. “This second confinement is marked by a terrible inequity”, he growls, prone to movements of temper and irritability that are unlike him. Him, the modern innkeeper still optimistic, to the point of signing the acquisition of its third establishment on 1er October.

“Psychologically, to be classified as non-essential is trying “, he adds, overwhelmed by the frustration of not being able to work. A regular practice of meditation prevents him from the sleep problems of many of his colleagues. But this moderate athlete surprises himself “To run ten kilometers every morning for thirty-two days” : an escape and an almost prison count.

10% activity

At the end of October, this boss long committed to the Center for Young Leaders, active at Lab Bpifrance, decided not to undergo the second confinement like the first. Not subject to administrative closure, he wanted to keep his hotels open at all costs, in this case 50,000 euros per month to run empty… The employees themselves preferred to come to work “To be together, rather than staying at home, even with 100% salary maintenance”, says Loïc Renart.

Perverse effect: the lifeless places weighed on the morale of the troops. It closed two out of three establishments, but not reservations, the rare customers of the Phénix and the Simplon being automatically upgraded to the 4-star Globe & Cecil, with room service. “We charge less than 50,000 euros per month, barely 10% of our figure, but we will perhaps manage not to lose money while having supported our community, the most valuable asset of the company. “

The 45 employees, followed by a psychosocial risks firm, share partial unemployment and, in turn, service, the day before, cleaning, or have found useful tasks: changing the software, cleaning, small work, deliveries of meals to the Samu social for the restaurant.

“We are ready to reopen overnight if activity resumes”, hopes the hotelier, but not very optimistic about conferences, trade fairs, business trips and international trips. With the aid, I have enough to last two years, but I did not choose to be a business leader to live on a drip. “

Solidarity with entrepreneurs

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