Entrepreneur Love and Green diapers are surfing the organic craze

Love and Green diapers are surfing the organic craze

Ecological diapers have made a breakthrough with parents last year. If the fall in the birth rate affects the disposable diapers market, down 4.6% in value last year according to Nielsen in mass distribution, it nevertheless benefits from the surge in sales of the “green” segment, which is on the rise. in 2020 by 26% over one year in value, and 39.5% in volume.

Switching purchasing

The industry leader in France, Love green, one of the pioneers for ten years, benefited from this change. “ There has been a massive phenomenon of displacement of purchases to the detriment of conventional diapers », Welcomes its co-founder, Celine Augusto. The eco-friendly diapers have reached 14% market share in value in 2020, up from 10.5% in 2019, according to Nielsen. Love Green’s turnover increased by another 12% last year to 27.5 million euros, after an increase of 25% in 2019. The slowdown is due to the delay in new products due to the health crisis.

The controversies over the possible harmfulness of baby diapers are fueling the movement. In 2019, the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) warned manufacturers about the presence of chemicals in diapers. The new tests carried out last year by the DGCCRF showed “the absence of exceeding the health thresholds”. But parents remain on the alert. They don’t want to endanger the health of their offspring. Especially since they make intensive use of disposable diapers for babies. Until the age of three, they wear on average around 4,000.

In order to meet this demand for naturalness, an abundance of labels have emerged over the past 4 years, such as Joone, Tidoo, Les Petits Culottés or Carryboo. A new offer developed against the giant Pampers (P & G) and Lotus Baby, which dominate the market with private labels (private labels). These manufacturers have also entered this niche, with Harmonie for Pampers, diapers made from sugar cane for Lotus Baby or even “Ecologic” Pommette from Intermarché made in Brittany by Celluloses de Brocéliande, a subsidiary of the Groupement des Mousquetaires.

“Parents now have a choice in this long locked market,” notes Céline Augusto. With these alternatives, they have the opportunity to test something else. The challenge for us is to continue to stay one step ahead “. And this while remaining accessible. “ We want to democratize this segment so that as many babies’ buttocks as possible are no longer in plastic Says her co-founder of Love Green. Its packages, between 6 to 18 euros, remain on average 15% to 20% more expensive than private labels. A diaper budget amounts to between 1,000 and 1,500 euros per year, with more than 1.5 billion units used in France in 2020.

Towards a biodegradable diaper

To remain a leader, Love Green bets on innovation. Its diapers contain almost 50% natural components. The SME even offers a range, Pure Nature, sold in paper bags. This packaging allows a glance in the shelves to differentiate it from classic models. The manufacturer has developed the use of cellulose that is boiled and not bleached by chemical processes. Hence its brown color.

The brand was the first at the end of 2019 to offer products in their natural shade, with “Change Now”. Models with a veil of 100% natural origin (corn starch, sugar cane, beetroot, etc.). ” This fundamental innovation paves the way for the biodegradable and compostable layer », Assures the brand. Progress, because the recycling of diapers turns out to be a real headache.

“Change Now” is currently reserved for the network of organic stores, where Love Green is still not very present, 60% of its sales are made in supermarkets. ” Our desire is to enter all organic brands within two years “, Hopes its leader, who also targets pharmacies, and wants to extend her web on the Internet from her own site, Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

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