Infotech Lower rebates at the pump, fuel prices soar

Lower rebates at the pump, fuel prices soar

Fuel prices soared last week in France, due to lower state and TotalEnergy rebates at the pump, according to figures released by the government on Monday, November 21.

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Diesel sold at a national average price of 1.9059 euros per liter at service stations, or 10.39 cents more than the previous week, according to figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition arrested on Friday 18 November. In some stations, the price of diesel has even exceeded two euros per litre.

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Unleaded petrol 95-E10 for its part increased by 13.40 cents and was displayed in stations at 1.7514 euros per liter on average. Unleaded 95 cost 1.7828 euros per liter on average, up 9.73 cents.

Targeted assistance for certain motorists

The explosion in prices is mainly linked to the reduction, Wednesday November 16, of the discounts hitherto in force on the liter of fuel: that of 30 euro cents, financed by the State since September 1, has decreased to 10 cents, and that of TotalEnergies went from 20 to 10 cents. These two discounts of 10 cents will remain in effect until December 31

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For 2023, the government is planning targeted aid for certain motorists, in the form of a “worker’s fuel allowance” who “will benefit households in the first five income deciles, i.e. half of households”said Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne in an interview with “Echos” on November 18.

Before these blows of planing on my rebates, the French service stations were assailed by motorists anxious to benefit from higher rebates. Many of them lacked at least one fuel and some were completely dry, particularly in Ile-de-France and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

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