Entrepreneur Lucile Grentzinger launches the final sprint of the reopening of Blast

Lucile Grentzinger launches the final sprint of the reopening of Blast

The countdown has started. Lucile Grentzinger awaits the launch of his rocket on Wednesday June 9 like an astronaut. It is on this date that Blast, its sports hall, will be able to reopen its doors to the public. It has been more than a year since this entrepreneur angrily lowered the curtain because of the health crisis, like the 6,500 French sports establishments. A blow for its young growth which, after six months of existence, announced a promising future.

Parkour and Ninja warrior

Located in Pantin, Blast is a space dedicated to parkour and Ninja Warrior. This innovative hobby is inspired by the practices of acrobatic urban movements inherited from the Yamakasi and the obstacle course of the Ninja Warrior program broadcast on TF1. Young and old flocked there. ” We were 30% above our forecast, figure Lucile Grentzinger, government measures brought us to a halt. “

It takes more to stop the flight of this incorrigible optimist of 33 years, able to still see the glass half full even when it is three quarters empty. “She is so thoroughly that, when she deals with one case, she already projects herself into the next, convinced that the current one is closed, have fun Nicolas Francois-Mazella, co-founder of Blast, whose patient character counterbalances that of his partner. When she has an idea, it doesn’t wait! She can enthusiastically call in the middle of the night to share it. “

Taste of the fight

Lucile Grentzinger owes her entrepreneurial spirit to her lucky star. His father was HRD at Arcelor and his mother was a tax official. “I have a researcher brother, a vet sister, and another English teacher. We all have different backgrounds and ideas about life, she emphasizes, our family discussions have been enriched by it. “

When she was at HEC, she naturally turned to the “entrepreneurs” sector. Addicted to sport, she played rugby there with an assumed taste for fighting. She switched to French boxing, and also enjoys jogging, racing biking and cross fit. So many activities that teach him perseverance and humility. But they also give him, she said, the ideas in place. “I solved a lot of problems after good sports sessions during which the reptilian brain took over”, she confides.

In Shanghai for Saint-Gobain

Lucile Grentzinger began her career in the Strategy Department of Saint-Gobain. Her superiors parachuted her into an industrial zone in Shanghai. The only French around, she had to quickly learn Mandarin. Taking advantage of this expatriation, she went on a solo road trip across the country. The overflowing energy of the Chinese contrasts with the spirit of our old Europe which laments “, she notes.

She also worked eight years for the creative advertising group Diadeis. Caught up in her need for action, she left for eight months alongside her companion to discover Central America, with sport as a common thread. They went on treks, kite surfing, diving, cycling … “When I came back, I wanted to work in sports, she confides. I went through all the activities before deciding on parkour. “

Roll up your sleeves

While waiting for the reopening, she did not simply wait patiently devouring comics that she is particularly fond of – with a last crush for “An ocean of love” by Grégory Panaccione. She registered as a consultant, to carry out missions with her former employers, and to bring her experience to the entrepreneurial innovation studio Start The F Up.

On the eve of the reopening of theaters, Lucile Grentzinger rolls up her sleeves, determined to boost Blast’s dying accounts. In the face of this ordeal, she retains her sense of humor, keeping in mind that any disaster is never immune to a good joke that cuts her wings.

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