Infotech Macron summons the government to launch the latest reforms of the five-year term

Macron summons the government to launch the latest reforms of the five-year term

Each minister was asked to come with six reforms made or to be made: Macron meets Wednesday, September 8 the last government seminar for the start of the quinquennium in order to frame the last 200 days before the presidential election.

For this meeting, organized in the wake of a short Council of Ministers, the members of the government will each have to make three reforms that could lead to by 2022, large or small, as well as three actions carried out which could be valued in the overall assessment. Emmanuel Macron, a government source told AFP.

“Valuing the balance sheet”

“Valuing the balance sheet”, this will be one of the main axes of the macronie campaign, for which public opinion does not know enough about the actions carried out.

Jean Castex “Will carry an important message that the remaining 200 days are useful”, indicates his entourage. “The moment for taking stock has not yet come: yes, we must be proud of what has been done, but the assessment and the action are inseparable”, insists the same source.

“It will put the tonic emphasis on questions of employment and jobs in tension” which will give rise to a future plan, with two prisms: ” skills “ and “The employability of the long-term unemployed”.

The Prime Minister must also speak at the end of this back-to-school seminar to relate “In full transparency the objectives and the work undertaken”.

Pension reform: “There is nothing buried”, warns Gabriel Attal

Caution on pension reform

Gabriel Attal estimated for his part that much will be played especially in the first 100 days. “Then, we will enter a more political era, with the presidential campaign and, above all, the French presidency of the European Union” from January, the government spokesman explained to “World” on Tuesday.

In addition to the health situation, which remains a prerequisite, among the topics discussed on Wednesday will also be the implementation of the unemployment insurance reform, scheduled for October 1, as well as the commitment income for young people and a law in favor of the self-employed, three of the projects in progress.

Among the reforms still achievable, the spokesperson cited the new investment plan that will be presented by the president in the fall, the implementation of the climate law and the law against separatism, as well as the “Beauvau of security” which must give new resources to the police and which the Head of State will close in mid-September.

On the other hand, he remains very cautious about the pension reform, the hypothesis of which has just been relaunched but which divides the majority. “There is nothing decided”, he explains.

A pension reform before 2022? The executive’s tracks

Even if the two conditions regularly cited by the executive, namely the health situation and the recovery of the economy, with a growth forecast of more than 6% in 2021, seem to be on track, Gabriel Attal highlights the necessary “Unity of the country” on this divisive subject.

“Preserving the unity of the country is essential for Emmanuel Macron. This determinant will be central in the decision he will take in the coming weeks ”, assures the spokesperson.

“Little bits of reform”

The unions, received last week in Matignon, all said no to a new consultation on pensions before the presidential election in April 2022.

According to “Les Echos”, Emmanuel Macron would nevertheless like “Abolish special retirement schemes and set up the minimum pension at 1,000 euros” before the end of his mandate, an objective confirmed to the “World” by “The entourage of the head of state”. Contacted by AFP, this same entourage nevertheless insists on the fact that “Nothing is arbitrated”.

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Such decisions would not, moreover, constitute a fundamental reform since they would affect neither the calculation system nor the retirement age, subjects at the heart of a major social movement at the end of 2019-beginning of 2020.

“We are getting out of little bits of reform while this government has not stopped saying from the start that it did not want tinkering”, was surprised Tuesday on BFMTV the secretary general of the CFDT Laurent Berger. The subject of pensions “Is way too serious” so that we take it “Through the small end of the telescope”, tackled the union leader.

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Gabriel Attal did not mention the dependency building site, however mentioned by the Head of State on July 12. But this costly reform is difficult to fit into an overloaded parliamentary calendar. “It is no longer one of the priorities”, told AFP a government adviser.

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