Life Style Madhuri Dixit looks 35 at the age of 54, know the secret of fitness

Madhuri Dixit looks 35 at the age of 54, know the secret of fitness

Madhuri Dixit Fitness Secret: Madhuri Dixit, the famous actress of the 90s, still rules millions of hearts. Even though he is 54 years old, but his look is only 35 years old. Actress Madhuri Dixit takes full care of her fitness. We and you must have seen her dancing and doing yoga on the social media account of actress Madhuri Dixit. Madhuri tells the secret of her health only to dance. According to media reports, dancercise is important for Madhuri, not exercise, which means a mixed form of exercise and dance. If Madhuri is to be believed, she gets bored in the gym but not with dance. Madhuri Dixit loves doing Kathak, she has shared many videos of this dance form on her Instagram.

Madhuri Dixit takes 5-6 small meals a day. The actress does not forget to include seasonal fruits and nuts in her diet. His day starts with coconut water. According to media reports, Madhuri avoids the consumption of caffeine, as well as stays away from alcohol and cigarettes. Apart from dancing, Madhuri also does yoga to stay fit.

People do not call Madhuri Dixit a dancing diva like that, she really wins the hearts of people with her dance. She has been fond of dance since childhood. Although Madhuri sometimes does exercises by going to the gym. Along with a balanced diet and dance, Madhuri takes a lot of sleep for her beauty and fitness. Madhuri also likes to wake up in the morning and walk.

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