Health ” Magnificent ! You empty yourself! »I tried fasting

” Magnificent ! You empty yourself! »I tried fasting

“No, but aren’t you a little crazy?” You will fall in the apples! “ The journalist announcing that he is going to do a fasting internship inevitably arouses concern and mockery.

“We took thousands of years to overcome hunger, and you, you are starving yourself on purpose …”

Not to swallow anything solid for one to two weeks, to inflict four to five hours of daily excursion, and to pay for it: here is well a thing of sore. The journalist may well know that the Jeûne et Randonnée center, located in Léoux at an altitude of 800 meters in a pretty valley of the Drôme Provençale, has existed since 1990; that it has, by its seriousness, attracted more than 700 interns in nearly three decades; he suddenly wonders if he is not imposing a session of useless masochism on himself, when he does not even have superfluous pounds.

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First surprise when arriving at Léoux: the waistline precisely. Few of the 25 participants were overweight. There is Gérard, a cheeky and chubby sexagenarian, sales director in an agricultural SME: “If I’m coming here for the fifth time, it’s not so much for my pounds as to get back to fishing. You will see, fasting makes you positive. And that clears up the ideas: you will have the impression of being clairvoyant. “

Sophie, a 43-year-old veterinarian, says she is looking to “Redo the big metabolism cleanse” already accomplished by his six previous fasts, and to find “Phenomenal energy” which she got

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