Top Stories Majali: The National Army in Marib inflicted heavy losses on the Houthi militia

Majali: The National Army in Marib inflicted heavy losses on the Houthi militia

The National Army spokesman, Brigadier General Abdo Majali, confirmed that the army, backed by the popular resistance on the various fronts in the Marib governorate, has made qualitative advances and carried out successful military operations that inflicted heavy losses on the Houthi militia in lives and equipment.

Brigadier Majali confirmed to the army’s website “September Net” that the fronts south of the governorate in Dhanna, Juba and Umm Rish Bahreeb, in which the army thwarted all Houthi attacks, also carried out offensive operations against the militia members and their positions, making progress on the ground.

He said, “The killing of the militia on these fronts by the fire of the heroes of the army and the resistance is in the dozens, and its wounded are in the hundreds during the past three days,” praising the valor of the heroes and resistance men and their effective dealing with this criminal militia, as far as he described it.

He pointed out that the military operations and combat tactics reflected the extent of readiness of the army forces on all fronts, and said, “Our militia forces inflicted severe defeats on the Kassara and Sarwah fronts and broke their attempts and inflicted them with dead and wounded, and the army’s artillery destroyed the militia’s vehicles.”

The army spokesman praised the Arab coalition’s aviation, and its large and continuous support, which carried out and implements daily flights against the Houthi militia, its reinforcements and mechanisms on various fronts, and had a great contribution to breaking the militia and inflicting huge losses on it in its equipment and equipment.

He pointed out that the “Bayhan Harib and Al-Juba road is a locality of Qani”, the scene of military operations, and citizens should not approach it for the sake of their safety.


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