Top Stories Major General Abdullah Al-Subaihi..a bright history of loyalty and belonging to the Greater Yemen

Major General Abdullah Al-Subaihi..a bright history of loyalty and belonging to the Greater Yemen

Major General Abdullah Al-Subaihi is a leader and hero of the armed forces. He had a great role and clear fingerprints in building and developing the national army. He is described by those who know him as the brave leader, and the seasoned knight. Yemen knew him with its plains and mountains, defending the republican system and the sovereignty of the state. His constancy, loyalty to military honor and responsibility.

With his passing, the Yemeni armed forces lost one of their leaders, and the nation lost one of its loyal sons.

Nayef Al-Bakri, Minister of Youth and Sports, wrote in mourning the passing of Major General Al-Subaihi, saying:

“I knew the deceased commander with a strong knowledge, as he was a companion of arms from the first moments in the resistance and had an active and essential role in the battle to liberate Aden, and I found in him courage, courage and military skill, and the qualities of an ideal leader in the military corps were represented in him, and we worked together with the resistance in arranging ranks and unifying efforts The deceased, may God have mercy on him, was keen to organize the ranks and support the direction and arrangement of force to win victory and expel the putschists and those who helped them.

Al-Bakri stressed that with the departure of Major General Abdullah Al-Subaihi, the homeland is losing from one end to the other a high-ranking leader, without his name in the bright pages of history, and the fact that he is an honorable model for the military leader that the great days tell of and heroic stances remind him of.

Al-Bakri pointed out that the life of the deceased is an immortal life, which does not end with the rise of his soul to its Creator, but continues to inspire generations the meanings of giving, loyalty and valor to the homeland and its service.

And he continued, “May God have mercy on my brother, Major General Abdullah Al-Subaihi, and place him in his vast gardens among the martyrs, the friends and the righteous, and those are good companions. We offer our condolences to the people of the deceased, his relatives and his lovers, and our condolences to the whole country, and the military institution.”

Muhammad Saleh bin Udayo, the former governor of Shabwa, confirmed in his tweet to him that Major General Al-Subaihi passed away after a long struggle and a march full of heroism in defending the homeland and adhering to its principles. Brave intrepid.

Representative Ali Ashal described the day of the departure of Major General Abdullah Ahmed Hussein Al-Subaihi, commander of the 39th Armored Brigade, commander of the Abyan axis, as a heavy day with sullen features, noting that Major General Al-Subaihi was one of the most prominent leaders of the liberation of (Aden and Abyan) and the makers of its valiant resistance. Kanata, and military action plans to defeat the militias were not organized without his presence, and thus history will be recorded no matter how hard climbers on the necks of others try to obscure the facts, indicating that Aden knows what the righteous Ibn Abyan did and the sons of Aden know what one of the great leaders did.

Ashal confirmed that the leader Al-Subaihi left and knew nothing but the honor of belonging to the Greater Yemen, and was raised only in the spirit of loyalty to his military institution, pointing out that Major General Al-Subaihi continued to bear the pain of his long illness in order to contribute to the treatment of the nation’s pain and to heal its wounds caused by the forces of evil and hate groups. And the grudge, the brigade left while holding the true brigade. His channel did not soften or weaken his resolve. He remained steadfast, striving and fighting until the last breath, advancing the ranks and tightening their resolve, forming an impenetrable barrier against all conspiring forces.

Shafi’ al-Abd, a member of the local council in Shabwa governorate, described the attendance of citizens by saying: voluntarily to participate in the funeral of Major General al-Subaihi, expressing sincerely the status of Major General al-Subaihi in their hearts and their love that is stripped of all worldly falsehoods and deceptive illusions.

Al-Abd affirmed that Major General Al-Subaihi was not the commander of the Abyan axis and the commander of the 39th Brigade, who had authority or prestige, as much as he was a solid patriot fighter, who devoted his life to his military honor.

He added, “His determination was not undermined by defamation campaigns, just as he was not demoralized by the behavior of neglect and betrayal, so he died silent and proud, leaving a fragrant biography, and hearts that loved him without meeting him, asking God for mercy and forgiveness.”

Journalist Ali Al-Faqih confirmed that with the departure of Major General Abdullah Al-Subaihi, Yemen called today a righteous son and a respected military leader who has always sided with the state and the military institution and refused to engage in the party of small projects. wondrous.

Al-Faqih affirmed that Major General Abdullah Al-Subaihi was a brave leader who devoted his life to the Greater Yemen Project and risked his life more than once in the face of gangs of terrorism and chaos. Mercy and forgiveness for his soul and our condolences to his family and colleagues.


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