Life Style Make your wife’s day memorable without spending any money this Karva Chauth, which will always be remembered

Make your wife’s day memorable without spending any money this Karva Chauth, which will always be remembered

Karwa Chauth Ideas For Newly Married Couple: Karva Chauth, the biggest festival of married women, is on October 24 this year. On this day women observe Nirjala fast and pray for the long life of their husband. Also, in the evening, she adorns herself, does 16 adornments. If someone’s first Karva Chauth is, then he wants to make it very special and memorable. In such a situation, if the husband gets along, then it can become a memorable moment for the wife forever. For this, there is no need for a huge gift and no money. If there is a need, then take care of those small things which can make this day memorable.

Spend this day with fun
The first Karva Chauth can be the most challenging for the wife. In such a situation, make a plan to spend this day with ease and fun by taking a holiday. Make a list of wife and your favorite movies and watch. You can also play games in between, for which you can plan board games or online games in advance. With these two activities, the wife will not even know how her day has passed.

husband should also fast
If your wife fasts for you, then you should also keep fast on this day. With this, you can make a difficult fast like Karva Chauth very simple and memorable. This will bring more ease in the relationship between husband and wife. Nowadays many men will be found, who keep the fast of Karva Chauth for the wife. By doing this, you can make your wife feel your feelings without telling her.

give a different gift
Jewelry and saris are available in weddings. In such a situation, instead of giving a traditional gift on Karva Chauth, present some memorable gifts. Provide something that reflects your fillings. The first Karva Chauth can be made memorable even by giving some different gifts.

you cook
To make your wife feel loved on Karva Chauth, you should cook the food of Karva Chauth yourself. Feed your wife favorite dish on this occasion? After fasting for the whole day, when the wife will get her favorite dish in the evening, that too made by her husband, it will add to the charm of the relationship.

save memories
First make pictures and videos of Karva Chauth and show it to the wife in a spare moment. Even after years of this, the memories of the first Karva Chauth will remain alive in the mind and even after seeing it after years, the feeling of love will be refreshed.

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