Top Stories Marib Governor: We are ready for confrontation, and the war on the outskirts of the governorate has not stopped since 2015

Marib Governor: We are ready for confrontation, and the war on the outskirts of the governorate has not stopped since 2015

Today, Wednesday, the Governor of Marib Governorate, Major General Sultan Al-Arada, said that the army and the resistance are “ready for confrontation,” and that the war has been going on on the outskirts of Marib for years.

Al-Arada’s statements came in a telephone call to the “Studio Al-Hadath” program on the Saudi “Al-Hadath” channel, in light of the raging battles in the districts of Al-Abdiya and Al-Juba, south of Marib.

Al-Arada added that “the war has always continued on the outskirts of Ma’rib for years, and settled in areas and moved to others, and has never stopped since 2015 until now.”

The governor continued, “The battles are now continuing on the borders with the governorates of Al-Jawf and Sana’a, and on the outskirts of the Al-Juba district there are clashes, and in Harib as well.”

Al-Arada said, “Ballistic missiles target all villages and cities, especially the capital of the governorate, but what concerns us now and the humanitarian event that we all must talk about is the besieging of the Abdiya district.”

He added that the “Al-Abdiya” district “is suffering now and is inhabited by more than 37,000 people, and it is besieged and rained by the Houthi militia with ballistic missiles, tanks and artillery on women, children and the elderly.”

“We called on human rights organizations and humanitarian agencies to intervene, so they promised us to enter medical supplies and treatments, but the Houthi militia refused to enter these supplies,” Al-Arada said.

Al-Arada considered that “the siege of Abdiya is unjust and unjust, and women and children were targeted, and we appeal to the human conscience in all international bodies to intervene in support of this directorate.”

Al-Arada continued, “We do not complain about the military side, and we do not complain about the killing of fighters. This is a topic that does not concern us, and we are ready to confront it. We are talking about the humanitarian side and the civilian side, women, children and the elderly. The Directorate is facing an unjust and unjust siege on a group of civilians.”

On the effects of the siege on Al-Abdiyyah, Al-Arada said that the siege “left women and children bleeding without treatment and without first aid,” calling for allowing “the entry of first aid and treatments, and opening the way for women and children to leave.”

The Houthi militia has imposed a complete siege on the Abdiya district for more than three weeks, in light of violent battles on the frontlines in the district.



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