Top Stories Marib, the call of the republic … Yemeni bloggers praise the heroism of the army and the resistance

Marib, the call of the republic … Yemeni bloggers praise the heroism of the army and the resistance

On Sunday evening, bloggers and activists on social media launched a major electronic campaign to support the National Army and the Popular Resistance forces in the battles they are waging against the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia on the Glory and Dignity fronts in Marib Governorate, east of Yemen.

Thousands of activists, media professionals and journalists tweeted under the hashtag #Mareb_Call_The Republic, and the hashtag #MaribForPeace Emphasizing that the people of Yemen stand behind its armed forces, resistance men and brave tribes in the battle of all Yemenis and Arabs to thwart Iran’s and its terrorist proxies that do not target only Marib, but rather Yemen, the Arabian Peninsula and Islamic holy sites.

The bloggers called on the government of political competencies to mobilize “all its energies to defend the capital of humanity that sheltered millions of Yemenis,” stressing the importance and role of the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom in defeating the Iranian project and its Houthi proxies who threaten the security of the Arab Gulf and the entire region.

They called for more brigades and military forces to move to continue defending Marib and to take the initiative to expel the Houthi militias from the areas they control, stressing that the liberation of Sanaa and all of Yemen is a national, humanitarian, religious and Arab duty.

In the campaign, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Muammar Al-Eryani, affirmed that “the governorate of Ma’rib has triumphed over land and people as usual for six years over the delusions of priesthood in defiling its pure soil, and the faces of the Houthi militia members and their masters in Tehran were soaked in dirt.”

Al-Eryani said in a tweet to him, “Marib has triumphed for the values ​​of the revolution and the republic, and affirmed that Yemen is Arab and will remain Arab.”

The former Minister of Endowments, Judge Dr. Ahmed Attia, affirmed that “it is not strange for Ma’rib’s steadfastness today and the sacrifices of its tribes and those sheltering in it.”

Dr. Attiyah added that the victory of Marib is historically extended “from the September revolution. There is no tribe or house from the houses of Marib without a great struggle to preserve their dignity, these authentic Arab faces have turned into volcanoes of anger in the face of the invader, aggressor, Baghi.”

Yemen’s ambassador to UNESCO, Dr. Muhammad Jumaih, explained that “Marib is the jewel of the crown of the Sabaeans, the guardian of the desert,” adding “the clear and frank Ma’rib … the compelling of the Roman armies in the past, and a breakthrough of the mercenaries of Tehran today. It is the patient, patient city … the valiant city that taught us the alphabet. The resistance. Ma’rib promises you the clear victory, God willing. “

The former Deputy Information Minister, Fuad Al-Hamiri, referred to the dreams and delusions of the Iranians and said, “They wanted to fast in Marib and break their fast with its dates.

In his turn, journalist Walid Al-Rajhi referred to the great heroics that the National Army and the resistance control in the various axes of the fronts, and in Marib he is showing strength, competence and competence in managing the battle, stressing that “our battle is a clear national, against Houthi racism and the Persian project.”

Bushra Al-Saqqaf tweeted, “Despite the great conspiracy and the waiting for those who are deluded by the fall of Marib, when hands are on the hearts, and in the most intense moments, the fortress of the republic surprises everyone with its legendary steadfastness, after more than 90 days have passed, it is still more violent and is able to crush the masses of the terrorist Imamate.”

Abu Al-Ezz Al-Moradi recalled what happened one night in 2015, “The Houthis were bombing the HTS hospital with mortars and crawling from the institution, from Al-Jufina, and near the Central Security, and a rebellion and a coup occurred in the Al-Jinn dish, and another rebellion in Mas.” A beacon for the free Yemenis. “

Activist Yousef Al-Qahmi pointed to the importance of liberating Sana’a as a support for the steadfastness of Ma’rib and restoring the republic, stressing that the ongoing battle is a “pivotal battle in writing Yemen’s landmarks anew.”

Journalist Ali Al-Uqbi pointed out that “the Council of Ministers, in its meeting yesterday, confirmed that supporting the steadfastness of Marib, the army and the tribes is the first priority for the government and the state, and all available resources are devoted to that.”

The journalist Abdullah Abu Saad published a picture of the incinerators in which the Houthis were falling on the walls of Marib and said, “Despite what the militias have mobilized, and behind them Iran and its arms and despite what they have been mobilized and harnessed of tools accompanying their battle and despite the time behind the deadline that was given to them towards Ma’rib, but this is the end that was written for them by fire.” .

Moaz Al-Sharjabi confirmed that “Marib was able to do with the Persians what Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut were unable to do, and the Persians knew that Arabism, Islam and the Republic are in Marib and it is impossible to swallow them.”

The journalist Ahmed Al-Musaybili talked about the Houthis’s defect in the fury of Marib, and today it is taking care of their grave and their crooked ideas and disposing of them forever.

Captain Al-Obeidi’s account pointed out that “we are no longer fighting Houthi coup leaders only, but we are facing military formations of the Revolutionary Guards! Iran is fighting alongside the Houthis and sending weapons shipments to them through the port of Hodeidah and Sanaa airport and with UN aircraft and ships.”

Activist Saeed al-Hajj explained that “the battle to defend Marib is the battle of every Yemeni who believes in freedom and abhors racial racism,” adding, “Marib is insofar as it defends the state and the republican system, as it embraces more than a million displaced people from all governorates of the republic.”

Omar Al-Yafei likened “the battle of Ma’rib to the battle of Stalingrad, explaining that” the Red Army fought a defense war against the attacking Nazism, just as the national army defends Marib against the priesthood, which changed the course of the world war and turned the scales and turned into an offensive after the defense and did not stop until it reached Berlin, just as our national army will only stop In Sanaa. “

Ahmed Al-Salhi stressed that “the terrorist Houthi group affiliated with Iran poses a threat not only to Yemenis, but also to the security of the region and the world, as it has targeted international trade corridors, oil tankers and civilian facilities in neighboring countries.”

Activists and bloggers praised the courage of the Ma’rib tribes and all the free people who are waging heroic epics in the face of the Houthi militia, stressing that the general mobilization’s call by the Governor of Marib, Major General Sultan Al-Arada, and other officials was answered to support the National Army in the battle of the Republic and Dignity.

They also praised the role of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia in the battle to restore the state and end the coup, stressing that they will continue to support and support the steadfastness of the national army and popular resistance until the restoration of Sana’a and the liberation of all Yemeni governorates from the Iranian terrorist militia.

The participants in the campaign affirmed their continued support and media support and all kinds of support and support for Marib, as the major campaign “Marib Call of the Republic” continues until Monday evening, according to the activists’ tweets.

The Ma’rib fronts are witnessing the fiercest battles since last February, in which the militia suffered heavy losses, as reports indicate that it has lost more than ten thousand of its members and leaders during the past few months.


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