Infotech Maritime transport, its record profits and taxes: “Tax me if you can…”

Maritime transport, its record profits and taxes: “Tax me if you can…”

It is a tax aberration. Since the summer of 2020, the price of maritime transport has exploded and the profits of shipowners have shattered all records. In 2021, the Danish Maersk, world number two in the sector, and the French CMA CGM, number three, each earned 16 billion euros. In all the history of the Kingdom of Denmark, such a profit had never been seen. As for CMA CGM, it has dethroned TotalEnergies as the French profit record holder. Continuing its momentum, Rodolphe Saadé’s group earned 6.66 billion euros from January to March 2022, i.e. in three months more than the annual profits of 33 of the 40 CAC 40 companies (including the shipowner, not listed on the stock exchange, does not belong)!

A boon for the French tax authorities, which tax profits at 25% (and even 27.5% for very large groups in 2021)? We say to ourselves that a few additional billion euros in the coffers of the State at a time when it is necessary to finance the energy shield and to help low-income households in the face of inflation will be welcome. But he doesn’t

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